Bilingual Customer Support Specialist

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What you will be responsible for:
Supports all company departments by managing inbound telephone calls, e-mails and information for clients, vendors and co-workers. Maintains the high standard of customer service with clients, vendors and co-workers, meeting the mission and vision of Niki’s Int’l Ltd. Self-driven, dedicated, analytical, with a positive outlook and clear focus on teamwork and customer service. Possesses excellent communication skills, pays attention to detail and comfortable working in a heavy teamwork environment. Reports to the Customer Support Department Manager or Operations Manager in lieu.

Specific duties:
Planning and reporting
• Executes the company’s mission and vision with each client and vendor interaction.
• Collaborates with other Niki’s Int’l Ltd. employees to maximize productivity and business opportunities for the company.
• Plans work day to meet all daily requirements as well as interact with clients, vendors, co-workers and potential clients as needed.
Reports metrics daily; (1) Completed Facility Confirmations (if any), (2) Completed IW Confirmations (if any), (3) Completed Vendor Confirmations (if any), (4) Customer Service Issues encountered (if any).
• Reports metrics weekly; (1) Answered Inbound Calls, (2) Completed Conference Calls.
Activities and management
• Answers inbound telephone calls for the office.
• Greets and connects walk-in customers to the appropriate department/staff member.
• Accurately documents the SARA database with each call, e-mail and any information related to clients, end users and assignments.
• Listens and processes information from clients and vendors to accurately assist them or direct clients and vendors to the department/staff member that can assist them.
• Provides general company information to clients and vendors.
• Takes messages and information to pass on to the correct department/staff member.
• Conducts telephonic interpretation via conference calls and/or recorded statements with clients, as needed.
• Conducts facility, end user and vendor confirmations, as needed.
• Maintains constant communication with clients and teamwork with co-workers to meet client needs.
• Ensures that all inbound communications receive a response within an hour.
• Communicates with clients, end users and vendors through phone, internet, fax, emails or other means.
• Performs other duties as assigned.
• Is a good steward of Niki’s Int’l Ltd. financial resources.
• Processes point of sale transactions.
• Promotes the organization to regional, national and international, prospective clients.
• Builds a business network using personal contacts, email, direct mail and social networking.
• Attends company functions, meetings and conferences as required.
• Other duties as required to facilitate a team environment within the organization.
• Contributes to a positive company culture by adhering to the corporate values in every interaction, every time: integrity, transparency, efficiency, accuracy, teamwork and quality.

Knowledge and skill requirements:
• Highest ethics and integrity when representing Niki’s Int’l Ltd. required.
• Minimum 2 years of customer service experience required.
• Associate’s degree in communication, business or related field preferred.
• Skilled in creating and fostering excellent client relationships.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, guaranteed customer service environment.
• Professionalism, patience and the ability to multi-task.
• Excellent time management, organization and prioritization skills.
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
• Self-motivated and has the ability to work under minimal supervision.
• Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel and Google applications required.
• Knowledge of language, translation and interpretation offerings from various competing vendors.

Why work with us:
Niki’s Int’l Ltd. believes that people are our most valuable asset and offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health/vision/dental insurance, paid time off, paid maternity and paternity leave, 24/7 gym access, fitness courses, telecommuting opportunities, retirement package, supplemental benefits (life insurance and short term disability) and continuing education reimbursement. For more information about Niki’s Int’l Ltd. please our website.