Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on Frankie’s, Panthers stadium, motherhood and I-277 race

Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on Frankie’s, Panthers stadium, motherhood and I-277 race
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Now Open: Frankie’s Fun Park, where Disney World-like attractions meet Las Vegas vibe

“Yeah with Disney world like prices, why is there no all inclusive pass? You can go to Carowinds for the same price as like 4 rides.” – S

“Look at Huntersville go! – R

“So, it’ll cost a couple hundred dollars to be mildly entertained for a couple hours?” – K

“Frankie’s Fun Park feels like walking into a Vegas casino? When is the last time Ted has been to a Vegas casino? Because Frankie’s Fun Park is a children’s amusement park…and looks the part. Vegas casinos are for adults…and look and feel the part. Jesus Christ, no wonder Ted thinks breweries are for babies.” – E

In response to: View renderings: The definitive guide to Charlotte’s changing skyline

“After growing up and moving out of a dying rustbelt city, I am happy to be someplace that is growing and thriving. Guess you wouldn’t understand until you’ve been there. I have a much better life because of Charlottes growth. Glad to be here.” – S

“Need about four more buildings between 40 and 50 stories to make the city of charlotte look like a real major metropolitan city like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Philly, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.” – J

In response to: 5 quick things I learned when I took a baby to a brewery

“Every brewery in Asheville feels like a daycare. As a mom, it’s so strange to me that people want a child at a bar.” – B

“If they were only going to have one beer couldn’t they have just left the kids in the car?” – R

“Just get the kids out by their bedtime.” – T

“I’ve learned that barking dogs are more acceptable here in Charlotte than children.” – M

“Your kid is annoying. It immediately changes the vibe of a place when there are children running around. I’ve had children come up to me and put their hands on me. Bother me, annoy me. Seen kids damage property, by throwing rocks and climbing on trees, all the while their parents ignore them and drink. No, it isn’t someone else’s kids, its yours. Breweries HATE kids. Maybe Olde Meck doesn’t because they have the space, but I refuse to go there because its the kids brewery. Kids take up space, aren’t spending money and don’t tip.” – A

In response to: I love being a mother, and hate being a Mom

“Nailed it. Like, really nailed it.” – K

“You are a mom, no capitol m. Save this for your diary and go read a book about real women leaders— I suggest Lean In.” – J

“Yes, yes, yes. My sweet girl is only 4 months old but it seems like everyone is looking at me differently. I appreciate the grace I’m being given as I try to figure this whole thing out, but I’m so much more than just a mom. And I abhor when people call me mama.” – W

“We get it, you have a complex. Your whole schizophrenic outlook of being a mother vs. a (capitol m!!!!) Mom is ridiculous. No one is looking at you differently except you. So act like you want to be treated and carry yourself how you want to be perceived.” – B

“Loved this. Powerful voice.” – G

“Those dads who have never been asked once to show their kids? They’re probably thinking ‘all these people get excited about a mom’s kids, but I’m proud of mine too and they mean the world to me, but nobody cares enough to ask.’ Get over yourself. Welcome to the world of being a parent.” – A

“My new favorite ridiculous example of gatekeeping is this person on Facebook who said, ‘you can’t write about motherhood yet if you only have one kid.'” – D

In response to: I’m lucky Duke Energy offers 6 weeks paid paternity leave — it was incredibly rewarding

“This should be a law, many developed countries require paid paternity leave. The results are pretty clear that this is beneficial for companies to offer paid paternity leave.” – A

“Duke Energy offers 6 weeks paternity and you’re bragging about it? Try 16 WEEKS 100% paid paternity leave at Wells Fargo and BoA. You’re working for the wrong company son.” – D

“My hubby also works for Duke Energy and we were so grateful that he was able to take his 6 weeks of paternity leave when we had our baby girl. It was priceless family time we knew we wouldn’t get back. Gone are the days where mommy is the primary care giver! Dads need time too!” – B

In response to: Can the Charlotte area’s best cheap golf course stay alive?

“The way to save the course would be (1)  stop charging $70 for a round or (2) put some $$$ into maintenance to make it worth $70 a round. Either one would fill the tee sheets. – A

“Gotta say, I’d much rather see a golf course bulldozed for the sake of development instead of another 20 acres of woodland or a local farm.” – E

In response to: I tested 7 local beauty brands and these were the best products

“I just need Katie to know pink hippo deodorant changed my life.” – A

In response to: 4 cool, brand-new luxury townhouses for sale right now

“Would rather be outside the city and get more bang for my buck. Could probably have 10 acres and an actual house for that price.” – G

In response to: New landmark 10K race will shut down I-277 Labor Day Weekend

“The entitlement of our city at its finest… this guy’s thoughts were literally “this traffic really sucks… I know a way we can make it worse.” – J

“277 is basically shut down currently including rush hour times. I think we’ll all survive a 1 hour shutdown on a Sunday morning.” – T

“This is the dumbest s*** ever.” – R

“Charleston has done this for decades for the bridge run. If they organize it well, it’s minimal disruption.” – R

In response to: 5 coolest wine bars in Charlotte

“Maybe one day you can come to Matthews and see Seaboard Brewing Taproom & Wine Bar and all the other great place that are inside the 485 loop.” – R

[Agenda related guide: 8 best reasons to visit downtown Matthews]

In response to: This local boutique is a top 100 Etsy vendor bringing in nearly $1 million annually

“Great to know this is a local business. I’ve seen her products online and now this is even more incentive to buy from her.” – M

“This is exactly what real world entrepreneurship looks like. Great read. Great job building this Kayla. I’m proud this is happening in Charlotte.” – W

In response to: The 6-year tether is up: What’s at stake now for Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers

“Romare Bearden Park has done so much more for economic development than the stadium. We need to invest in parks and greenways. Take the land off the market and watch buildings shoot up around it.” – J

“We need a dome! – B

“Obviously we need to give this super rich man money so he can have a nicer stadium to recoup the obscene payment he made for the Panthers. Anytime you can subsidize a billionaire you gotta do it.” – M “All the liberal, internet losers will be upset, but the rest of the masses (myself included) would gladly pay for stadium improvements.” – W

“Moving the stadium will piss off all of us PSL owners. Tepper will have to keep that in mind. I know he has made great decisions and choices for the team so I hope he continues to do so.” – E

In response to: Unique to the neighborhood – Newly built Caribbean-inspired home in Eastover asks $1,649,000

“For 1.6M, I’d rather BE in the Caribbean. Just saying.” – H

“This is my dream home!!!” – A

“Beautiful home but that neighbor is just too close. If your paying that much you should get some space between your neighbor.” – Y

In response to: 12 most romantic restaurants in Charlotte, ranked

“Beef N Bottle is best for couples that like old and run down restaurants masquerading as ‘nostalgia’, overpriced beef, and want a plain salad out of a bag. This is one of the “classic” Charlotte places. And by classic I mean a throwback to when Charlotte didn’t know what a good restaurant was.”- O

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