Mobile dog massage exists in Charlotte and it’s only $25

Mobile dog massage exists in Charlotte and it’s only $25
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It shouldn’t surprise you that when I found out that Charlotte had a mobile dog massage service I immediately made Esther an appointment.

Lori at Peaceful Paw Mobile Dog Massage offers at-home dog massage (yes, dog only) to Charlotte’s canines who need a little extra R and R.

For just $25, she will come to you and massage your pampered pup for 30 minutes.

I hear what you’re saying, “But Mary! I can pet my dog myself for free!”

True, but Lori isn’t just a “professional dog petter.” Homegirl went to school for dog massage and is certified by the PetMassage Training and Research Institute in Toledo.

I’ve never heard of dog massage before Peaceful Paw, but I know how I feel after I get my 60-minute Swedish massage every month.

The benefits of dog massage are very similar to human massage: increased joint flexibility, relief from stiffness and reduced stress and anxiety. A lot of Lori’s clients are senior dogs who benefit from better range-of-motion and decreased arthritis pain. Plus, it gets their bodies moving if they have trouble going on walks. (A 30-minute massage is equal to about a 15-minute walk.)

I don’t know why, but in my mind I envisioned a large dog massage van pulling up in front of my house complete with massage tables and oils.

But when I met Lori, she let me know that massage is best when done where the pet is comfortable—in your house. It makes sense, I just wish I would have, you know, cleaned up my disaster of a home before she came over.

For Esther, Lori concentrated on her face (flat-faced breeds can benefit from sinus massage) and stretching her little chicken legs. Esther kept taking breaks to get water and sniff around and I asked Lori how she deals with dogs who can’t sit still.

“I don’t force any dog to sit still for me, I just wait until they’re ready. Some massages take much longer than 30-minutes because we take so many breaks… but it’s best to wait for the dog to come back to me.”

Esther enjoyed most of her massage but didn’t love Lori rubbing her feet or back. Lori was great about moving onto different areas when she sensed Esther was uncomfortable.

And the second Lori left? Esther laid down for a two-hour nap.

A few tips before your dog’s mobile massage:

(1) Energy. Esther didn’t come to work with me the day of her massage, so she was a little wired. Her massage would have definitely been easier if she were tired.

(2) TIDY UP YOUR HOUSE. Contrary to my imagination, Lori does not own a massage van and will be coming inside your home.

(3) Privacy. I sat with Lori and Esther during the massage, but this seemed to be distracting. Next time I would go into the other room so Esther could relax.

(4) Poop. Don’t be freaked out if your dog pees and poops a lot after his/her massage. This is normal since massage stimulates their lymphatic system.

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