Superica’s daily lunch special gives me a food coma, but I can’t resist it

Superica’s daily lunch special gives me a food coma, but I can’t resist it
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A few weeks ago, my friend introduced me to Superica’s $11.99 lunch special and I’ve never been the same.

If you aren’t familiar with Superica, it’s a South End Tex-Mex spot hidden off Worthington Avenue. It’s been pretty popular since it opened last year.

In a recent survey sent to the Agenda’s 39,000 daily newsletter subscribers, Superica was voted as the #1 Mexican spot in Charlotte (barely beating out Paco’s Tacos).

The space is open, airy and has an ultra cool vibe.

The place is usually packed on the weekends and I hate waiting, so I still hadn’t been. That was until my friend suggested we go one random Thursday for their lunch special.

First thing’s first, they start you out with complimentary chips and two different salsas.

Can I just say, thank god for a place that serves complimentary chips and salsa. A lot of bougie, upscale Tex-Mex restaurants are making you pay for them now and I think that’s a total racket.

Next, it’s time to order. For only $11.99 you get to choose TWO items from their weekday lunch special menu. Plus, you get rice and refried beans.

Fine print: It’s Monday through Friday only.

Expansion: Don’t forget that a second Superica location is heading into SouthPark at the Strawberry Hill development later this year.

I went with a salad and enchilada. I expected pretty small portions but I was dead wrong.

I mean, hello. This is A LOT of food and I’m here for it.

For my first time eating at Superica, I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty everything was.

I felt like an elevated version of those classic Mexican restaurants that serve frozen margaritas (which Superica also has on the menu).

I can’t promise that you won’t slip into a food coma after your meal but I can say it’s a delicious bargain.

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