Software Support Technician

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The job:
Ultimately, our Software Support Technicians are problem solvers.

What you will do:
• Provide technical assistance and training to customers using our POS systems and POS software.
• Assist customers in improving their business procedures and in optimizing their internal workflow.
• Develop an understanding of each customer’s unique business in order to tailor our POS software to meet their needs.
• Configure hardware and software in a Windows-based environment for custom point of sale orders.
• Create documentation and guides for software and hardware.
• Develop training curricula for new software.

The ideal candidate:
• Must enjoy working with people and technology.
• We look for self-learners that can operate in a team-based environment.
• Must care about the job and take pride in your work.
• POS experience is not mandatory, but definitely a plus.
• Wants to work for a small business and grow with the company.
• Likes the idea of Beer Friday – or at least likes the idea of hanging out during Beer Friday.

Desired skills:
• Basic networking knowledge.
• Comfort with Windows operating system.
• Ability to dig into new software and easily pick it up.
• Problem solver who can analyze a situation and quickly move towards resolution.

What we believe in:
• This is a great position to gain experience in the tech field.
• We’re a fast-growing company with a startup mentality.
• We obsess about being great.
• Results go on the board.
• We deliver service our customer can brag about.
• Challenging and rewarding work environment.

To apply:
Send resume to Cover letters are not required, but they are appreciated. Please insert ‘POS Nation Tech – Charlotte Agenda’ into the subject line of your email. Serious candidates are welcome to apply in person or to call us to explain why you are a good fit. Hiring is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please apply quickly.

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