Real Sidechicks of Charlotte debut episode racks up 60,000 views in 48 hours

Real Sidechicks of Charlotte debut episode racks up 60,000 views in 48 hours
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The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte, a reality show following eight local mistresses, debuted Monday night and has already racked up 60,000 views.

If you love trash TV as much as I do, this is a must watch.

The series has been quietly building buzz for over year. Although it didn’t find a network home (a Netflix deal was allegedly in place at some point, but fell through), the show’s Instagram has racked up an impressive 101,000 followers.

Despite its struggles, including a failed petition to halt the show’s production, Real Sidechicks has proven over the last few days that it’s a sleeper hit.

The first episode is 37 minutes long, including the trailer, act breaks promoting the local artists who perform the show’s soundtrack, and a teaser for episode two.


The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte having lunch at The Ballantyne’s Gallery restaurant

The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte premier follows Lynette’s upcoming housewarming party in her new “white people ass neighborhood in Ballantyne.”

Lynette apparently has no control over her own guest list, because this party has more mortal enemies than Romeo and Juliet.

Brixx is feuding with Xarbie over their shared man Nikkie Bandz (who is married to someone entirely different).

Ralph and Lyric have convoluted beef about some Facebook post surrounding local hairdressers.

And finally, Lynette herself finds herself in hot water when both her new boo Twan Da Dude and her old flame Playboi Breeze both show up at the party.

Other plot stories include same-sex couple Nisha and Wren getting attacked in their own bed by Nisha’s ex Devon, and exotic dancer Storm dealing with her man Noah wanting her to give up stripping.

In the process, we stop by local spots like Rush Espresso, The Ballantyne Hotel, Nadeau, and SouthBound. That’s by far the coolest part of this. We’ve seen New York and LA immortalized in reality shows, and it’s fascinating to see our own city given the same treatment.


The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte at Southbound in South End

New episodes drop every Monday night at 8pm on the show’s YouTube channel. Reality TV is usually trashy, but Real Sidechicks turns everything up to 11.

The conversations are more vulgar, like when Shador, Tiffany, and the self-proclaimed “all the way a fairy” Ralph, discuss sharing chips and salsa despite what their mouths have been up to previously.

The situations are more disturbing, like when we first learn Nikkie Bandz is married despite having two sidechicks.

There are points while watching this that I legitimately feel bad for the unseen characters in this show: the wives and children of the cheaters. But for all the moral hemming and hawing Real Sidechicks will produce, is it really any worse than Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives? Not really.

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