IT Technician

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The IT Support Technician is responsible for assisting and ensuring all Company Associates have reliable access to the required IT systems and tools to perform their respective roles within the Company. This position also monitors and maintains Company IT networks, systems and applications to perform within benchmarked performance guidelines. IT Systems are defined but not limited to all Company networks, interfaces with internal and external networks, all business system applications, servers, email systems, data storage and recovery systems, phone system, monitoring hardware and software, end-user hardware and software and all mobile communications hardware and services.

The IT Support Technician interacts and works closely with all Associates, IT suppliers and contractors to resolve problems and arrive at solutions that best serve the Company and its Customers.

Performance and effectiveness of this position are indicated by, but not limited to, the measured timeliness of end-user problem resolutions, IT helpdesk issue trends and measured performance benchmarks for networks, systems and applications’ reliability and performance trends.

Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Provides first-line response and problem resolution (Level 1 and 2) for end-users requiring assistance with IT related issues and problems.
• Monitors IT systems and applications to ensure performance and availability are within established benchmarks: internet, internal networks, servers, software applications and mobile data and phone operations.
• Works directly with other IT Team members, suppliers and contractors to resolve Level 3 and escalated problems.
• Acts as a liaison between users and IT suppliers and contractors.
• Administers and manages IT Helpdesk Support system, including tracking issues to resolution within established benchmarks, updating knowledgebase and communicating solutions to users and other IT team members.
• Administers and maintains system user accesses and permissions: user account profiles, file and share permissions and installing approved software applications on user computers.
• Monitors and ensures all servers and applications are operating on most up-to-date software patches.
• Maintains IT hardware inventory records.
• Keeps abreast on new technology developments and provides recommendations for improved business and IT applications.

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