Mailbag: 25 top feedback letters on salad dressing, FIRE, bud bar and babies at breweries

Mailbag: 25 top feedback letters on salad dressing, FIRE, bud bar and babies at breweries
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: The top 7 salad dressings in Charlotte

“Viva’s yellow sauce should be on this list, even though it’s not technically a dressing. I put that s*** on everything.” – J

“Champagne vinaigrette from Pasta & Provisions!” – J

“Are you proud of your career in hard hitting journalism?” – N

“Mexican Caesar from Chopt is deserving of at least an honorable mention.” – A

In response to: 19 best Charlotte coffee shops to work from

“I get that they are nice ones, but I can’t believe 2 of 19 are Starbucks.” – E

In response to: Here’s how some Charlotteans plan to retire in their 30s and 40s with millions using the FIRE method

“I did this in my 20s (without ever even hearing of the term FIRE) and now here I am in my mid-30s with some perspective. I now have a very substantial bank account and the realization that (either by being frugal or working too hard) I gave up and missed out on a lot, and I mean A LOT, in my 20s. Those are supposed to be some of the best years of your life and I lost them to a laser focus on financial goals. Luckily I realized this before my whole life passed me by and I’m in the process of ‘recovering’ from it… I now am in a career position with a job that I enjoy, and I plan on doing it until a normal retirement age. I also plan on focusing on whats really important in life and enjoying life as it goes by instead of being focused on just the goal. Its a big transition, but I’m glad I’m getting away from FIRE.” – F

In response to: Inside King Canary, Lake Norman’s family-friendly waterfront brewery with a playroom

“I truly struggle with all the breweries that allow/encourage you to bring children. I see how my 29 year old son struggles with alcohol issues and his exposure was to adults having cocktails at home — cookouts, parties or seeing mom have a glass of wine after a long day at work. If there had been breweries for us to take our children to 25 years ago there is no telling what message that would have embedded. Maybe his condition is genetic but I know his brother is not prone and he’s the one that commented on this new phenomena when he took me to a brewery opening recently. And it’s not relaxing to have children running around ( away from their parents). Children learn by watching.” – L

“Wouldn’t you love to see a brewery divide its patio into 4 sections some pretty weekend afternoon: no dogs, no kids, no kids AND no dogs, or both welcome. See where they get the most business.” – N

“Unfortunately we won’t be attending unless they adopt a no-kid rule after 7 p.m. We have yet to be at a brewery where young parents watch their kids. Breweries are not free babysitters.” – J

“Do they sell candy cigarettes too?” – C

In response to: Renovations planned for BB&T Center and Overstreet Mall

“Sure wish they were rectifying the lack of pedestrian oriented street level – on all 3 sides. Yes, this will be nice for the Overstreet mall level, but the real fix is to move all of it to ground level.” – D

In response to: How my wife and I completely fumbled our baby’s gender reveal

“Finally an article that shows how dumb gender reveals are. What a stupid trend just to gain likes and feel like you are important. You’re not. No one cares about your baby.” – E

In response to: OP-ED: Why I voted no on Charlotte’s affordable housing bonds

“Better plan: vote ‘yes’ and show up to City Council to hold the city accountable for how they spend it, since you are displeased with how they spent the last bond. No money still equals no more housing for people who can’t afford anywhere to live. Otherwise I suppose you can hand out your column to the newly homeless.” – H

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and viewpoint about The upcoming housing bonds on this year’s ballot. Disagreement can be healthy. But using a soapbox to broadcast your disappointment on how these housing bond funds isn’t constructive, especially if you don’t know what it’s like to be living under 80% AMI. Suggest a better way for the city to use funds. Do something.” – A

In response to: Charlotte’s first CBD dispensary and “bud bar” is now open on Central Avenue

“The CBD oil works wonders for anxiety.” – A

“So it’s the O’Doul’s of pot?” – K

“Someday North Carolina will change it’s archaic marijuana laws that have shattered so many lives. Then the doctors can make recommendations and qualifying patients can grow their own. Maybe 2019 is NC’s lucky year.” – B

In response to: This $2.5 million Fort Mill mansion has a village in its basement – including a soda shop, toy store and movie theater

“The wealthy are really running out of things to do with their money.” – B

“Or creative people work hard and save their money to build something they love to enjoy with their friends and family.” – G

In response to: 19 best Charlotte coffee shops to work from

“I get that they are nice ones, but I can’t believe 2 of 19 are Starbucks.” – E

In response to: 7 fall fashion trends and where to buy them now at Charlotte boutiques

“I immediately put that blue leopard dress in the shopping cart, and I’m now on the hunt for some bell bottom jeans! Ugh that plaid dress too! I can’t wait for Katie’s next fashion post.” – E

In response to: The Charlotte Cafe is closing Oct. 31 after 38 years at Park Road Shopping Center

“Their breakfast special and pancakes are fantastic. Shame on the shopping center owners for this. Aren’t there enough hipster joints already? And yes, I will trek to the Arboretum. Best pancakes in Charlotte, hands down.” – H

“38 years! Doesn’t that mean anything? Charlotte will end up with no history left. So frustrating!” – L

In response to: A perfect weekend getaway at The Greenbrier, an 11,000-acre luxury resort in the mountains of West Virginia

“Enjoyed the piece on the Greenbrier, but I think you really glossed over an extremely interesting piece of information. Not only is the Greenbrier a beautiful place to visit (from what I have heard), it is also built on top of an enormous Cold War-era bunker built to house the entire US Congress in case of a nuclear emergency.” – S

In response to: Is the Bootlegger House the most haunted house in Charlotte?

“Back in 1990, I was very young, newly married, and had a tiny baby (who is pregnant with her first tiny baby right now). We rented a house in Gadsden, AL (where I am originally from) that wasn’t particularly old or spooky. I swear that we had a mischievous ghost as well. I never actually saw it, but weird things happened. Lights would be on that I knew I had turned off, the front door was open one time and the living room light was on, when I had just left the house and knew I had turned all the lights on. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t own stock in Alabama Power or Duke Energy. Probably the strangest thing that ever happened, was one night, the rocking chair in my daughter’s room was rocking for no reason. NO one was in it. There was no crazy wind blowing in the house. But, it was rocking. I was a little spooked, but mostly intrigued! I talked to them all the time. But, never saw them. We only lived there about 8 months, then moved to Texas. Then, in the early 2000’s, I worked for a periodontist who had his practice in an old house in Charleston, WV (yeah, I’ve lived everywhere). When I started working there, I was warned that they believed there were spirits. Again, nothing crazy, just weird little occurrences. Like, being in the office alone early one morning, and I heard the back door that came into the kitchen open and close. But there was no one there. I was told they would see weird things in the records room on the 3rd floor, but I never did. Maybe because I always announced myself before going in.” – L

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a combined $350,000+ salary

“Please tell the wife/mom to incorporate as a single member LLC and file as an S-Corp so she can save on her self-employment taxes! That 15.3% is rough, plus the single member LLC can optimize her retirement savings while giving her better tax efficiency.. Oh, and I feel the pain of paying for childcare. Small fortune.” – R

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