The 5 items first-time homebuyers should splurge on, according to interior designer Charlotte Lucas

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If you’re upgrading from your two-bedroom apartment to your first house, chances are you have more rooms to fill than you can afford right away.

I talked with Interior Designer Charlotte Lucas, whose work has been featured in Veranda, House Beautiful, Vogue and other national design publications, on what’s worth investing in and where you should save.


Top 5 splurge items

  • Family room sofa
  • Statement art
  • Lighting
  • Fresh paint
  • Rip up the old carpet and buy Oushak and Persian Rugs.

Where to buy

  • Renaissance Tile & Bath, 2041A South Blvd
  • Design Within Reach, 800 Camden Road #106
  • Charlotte Rug Gallery, 416 Providence Road #1a

How can people save a little money when decorating their first home?

Being a first time homeowner is five years worth of surprises you can’t control. New roofs, high energy bills – it’s unpredictable. Save money by taking each project in stride, and prioritize your living spaces. Be patient if every room doesn’t come together as fast as you would like.

Where do you go locally when you’re looking for a good deal?

Sleepy Poet, Southend Exchange and any antique store. There are so many great finds, from antique furniture to dishware. You are sure to find a missing piece you will forever love.

Advice for first-time home buyers?

My advice would be to pay attention to the details, and if you fall in love with something – buy it. I bought my now family room sofas before I even owned a house. I knew I loved them and I knew they were a great deal.

Accessorizing is key to elevating a space. Collect items from your travels and trinkets that remind you of your favorite things.

Fill your home and shelves with things that make you happy, and books – books, and more books are always a good idea.”


Home photo above courtesy of photographer Chris Edwards and Charlotte Lucas.

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