Digital Marketing Manager

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The job:
We are hiring a full-time digital marketing manager (3+ years of experience) to lead inbound client projects. You’ll focus on B2B lead generation for technology companies and/or nonprofits. This position offers freedom to explore digital strategies, run analytical campaigns and provide guidance to a team.

Our team of 30+ marketers, designers, developers, writers and specialists is growing quickly. Our clients see us as inbound advisers and trusted confidants and strategists — so we’re looking for a smart, passionate inbound marketer to help lead 3-5 client projects.

As an account lead, you will play a role in both strategy, execution and management of marketing accounts at Ironpaper. Your focus will be results-driven marketing, achieving SMART goals and being an inbound advisor for client accounts. Responsibilities for this position include driving results, setting goals, client communications, strategy > planning > analysis, marketing and inbound sales execution, project management, marketing and sales automation, presentations/pitches and other marketing efforts to support successful accounts.

Qualifications include:
• Has professional experience as an inbound marketer, in both planning and executing inbound programs (3+ years of experience).
• Can work full-time in Charlotte, NC.
• Has a propensity or desire to learn web analytics: Hubspot, Google Analytics, etc.
• Practices strong communication skills.
• Is both analytical and creative.
• Can meet our continuing education certification requirements (4-6 certifications during the first year).
• Possesses a desire for ongoing learning in digital marketing and analytics.
Our ideal candidate
• Self-driven, passionate about learning and friendly.
• Additionally, the candidate should be a digital marketer and possess skills in inbound marketing and analytics.
• Strong communication skills are also important, because we need to communicate our ideas to other team members and clients.

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