Charlotte Corners: Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find patio

Charlotte Corners: Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find patio
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There have been many times, over the past few years especially, where my perpetual restlessness has brought me out of my apartment and into town to work, write, read, or people watch.

I have developed a habit of driving south from the University area, through Charlotte’s in-roads looking for coffee shops, bars, bookstores, lounges, or parks as yet undiscovered by me, in which to take up temporary residence on my laptop, behind a book or notepad.

I have developed a small, unwritten (until now) list of corners that I frequent if I’m looking for a change of scenery.

This is the first in a series of articles, where I, only slightly begrudgingly, share some of these corners with you, Agenda readers – just to ensure they are occupied when I come around for my peace and quiet. You’re welcome!

Charlotte’s somewhat secluded neighborhood of Elizabeth happens to contain within it one of my very favorite corners.

Behind Charlotte’s most beloved archive of all things comic book related, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, and honestly one of the best Starbucks (as far as Starbucks go) that I’ve ever been to, there is an small furnished patio on which I have spent many hours writing and people watching. The shaded patio is bordered with the constant bustle of patrons from the Starbucks and folks walking around the parking lot to Heroes creating a nice thrum of background noise.



The best part about this spot is that it has a never ending fountain of reading material attached to it. Once I’m finished with my work, I can take a quick jaunt around Heroes to grab the next edition of my favorite series or browse new issues.

If you’re a comic book reader, or perhaps someone whose curiosity has been struck by the battery of Marvel superhero movies over the past few years, I highly recommend Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.

It is easily Charlotte’s best comic book store.

Its shelves are pristine and always in perfect order, they always have the newest issues of every story from every comic distributor – Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, even small independent books. They have shelves upon shelves of hardbound anthologies and one-off graphic novels.

There is no shortage of interesting things to thumb through.




Owner Shelton Drum, manager Justin Crouse and the rest of Heroes staff are extremely friendly, helpful and eager to help new readers find stories that interest them. To top it all, these are the folks responsible for one of the greatest annual Charlotte events – Heroes Convention.

What makes this spot even better ? About four blocks down the road is Hawthorne’s Pizza. Another place near and dear to my heart… but that’s for another article.

Got any spots in Charlotte you like hole-up in? Let us know about them by tweeting @charlotteagenda or @PetersPonders with your photos of the view from your favorite corners. 

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