What do you have to earn to be considered “rich” in Charlotte?

What do you have to earn to be considered “rich” in Charlotte?
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How much money do you have to earn to be considered rich in Charlotte?

Everything in life is relative — and it turns out that here in Charlotte, you’ve got to have a sizable income for most people to view you as rich.

We surveyed the Agenda audience and 40% of respondents don’t consider a local rich unless they’re bringing in at least $500,000.

According to the most recent Census numbers, the median household income in Charlotte is $55,599. If you make double that amount, or around $111,000, only 6.23% of Agenda readers surveyed think you’re rich.

In a recent Agenda survey to our 36,000+ daily newsletter subscribers, we asked the question: At what annual household income level do you consider “rich” in Charlotte? Here are the results:

  • .23% said over $50,000
  • 6% said over $100,000
  • 9% said over $150,000
  • 15% said over $200,000
  • 16% said over $250,000
  • 13% said over $300,000
  • 25% said over $500,000
  • 15% said over $1M

That income level is firmly in the top 1 percent.

According to a report from the Economic Policy Institute, the annual income required to be in the top 1 percent in North Carolina is $343,066.

It’s also double the median income of any area of Charlotte. The wealthiest neighborhood in town is Foxcroft, near the intersection of Colony and Morrison. The median household income there is $226,250, according to the city of Charlotte’s Quality of Life Explorer.

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Researchers set the “rich” bar much lower.

The Pew Research Center considers roughly the top 20 percent of households to be “upper income,” or rich.

That would make Charlotteans making $120,000 rich.

For comparison, Atlantans who make more than $125,226 are considered rich, according to Business Insider. In San Jose, it’s $220,000. In New York City, it’s just under $144,000.

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