Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on donuts, Sedgefield, CMS, wings, development and scooters

Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on donuts, Sedgefield, CMS, wings, development and scooters
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Your Mom’s Donuts opening shop in Park Road Shopping Center

“Awesome news!, but the name they have given their shop makes absolutely zero sense: no one’s mom ever made homemade donuts… ever.” – T

“Come to Lake Norman please!! Saturday’s at the Davidson market is not enough.” – D

“We are going to get fat AF” – L

“I thought it couldn’t get better, but I was wrong… Park Road Shopping Center is a manifestation of heaven here on earth.” – J

In response to: The 10 most powerful people in Charlotte development who aren’t developers

“Did I miss something ….where is the expert on transportation and/or infrastructure?” – L

In response to: 5 quick job search tips from a Charlotte hiring manager

“Maybe if you stopped using a robot to scrape resumes for keywords, you’d get more personalized high-quality applications. No one who has the talent to provide significant revenue for a company is going to waste their time tossing their resume into the black hole of some cheap automated reader software.” – D

In response to: Asheville’s iconic Biltmore Estate, the largest privately owned home in the country, is hosting a stunning display of large-scale Dale Chihuly glass works for a limited time

“Went last week. It’s just fantastic. Not for the kiddos though.” – R

“Definitely worth it! I absolutely love his work and what an incredible exhibit!”- M

In response to: The 5 best wing spots in Charlotte

“Ummmm Bisonte Pizza, these guys are from Buffalo. It’s the real deal.” – J

“I don’t get the love for DD Peckers. It’s an overrated, sloppy mess. Comet Grill and McKoy’s are both worth mentioning at a minimum. Comet does dry rub wings. I like their Charlottean Shake, which is their house blend. McKoy’s smokes their wings so they’re super tender. My personal preference is the barbalo, which is barbecue sauce and buffalo sauce mixed together. And don’t sleep on the hot and spicy breaded wings at Publix! I get the big box of them about 2-3 times a year and make myself sick because I can’t put them down.” – B

“Any list of the best wings in Charlotte is incomplete without Mac’s Speed Shop. All of these wings on your list are deep fried. Mac’s smokes their wings, soaks them in beer and then grills them. They are huge and delicious, and the burn-out sauce is the perfect mix of heat and sweet.” – B

“I agree with Moosehead and Seoul! And Ed’s Tavern for the best buffalo chicken dip around.” – K

In response to: Sedgefield’s first $1 million houses just sold

“We own an awesome but modest 1300 sqft home in Sedgefield, constructed in the 1940s on the better side of the neighborhood by Park Road. It’s old, has issues and constantly needs work but we love it nonetheless. I’m not sure how tearing these homes down to prop up a 4000 sqft monstrosity is ‘respecting the neighbors and the heart of what makes Sedgefield special.’ I do agree that it is very characteristic of Charlotte to actively search for personality throughout the city…and then take a steamy dump on it by ripping it down for something fresh and new. Also when we bought our house several years ago, we didn’t look at it as ‘a long-term investment destination location’ but rather a home.” – B

In response to: A first-time homebuyer’s guide for Charlotte [Allen Tate]

“I can confirm. Put in an above-asking offer on my current home within 3 hours of it going live based on photos. – R

In response to: Scooters are off to a blazing start in Charlotte. 20,000+ people took total of 66,220 trips in first month

“Rode down Tryon Street this afternoon and those things were zipping in and out of traffic like bats out of hell. Just wonder how long until someone gets killed on these things.” – D

“Riders have no consideration for pedestrians or dogs. Read the damn rules – must be 18, wear a helmet & ride on the street…obviously only morons are riding the scooters.” – T

“It’s not about scooter popularity verse the bikes. People like motorized scooters more than completely manual exercise…duh. The interesting stats would have been about Uber and Lyft business effects since all of the bike and scooter shares came to town. And to go even further – are we seeing an effect on overall city traffic yet? How about Uptown? What needs to happen to further develop these programs so that we get closer to seeing these lessened traffic effects?” – E

In response to: Charlotte home renovations are booming in a tight market

“Yerp. I’m currently in the first phase of my home renovation. *takes deep breath* It’s putting my patience to the test that’s for sure!!! We are adding on to our master bedroom and adding a two car attached garage to our 1958 ranch house. Everyone is busy, but the real headache is Mother Nature. I can’t get footings and foundation poured until it’s dry for longer than 3 or 4 consecutive days. It’s been raining for two weeks straight. Argh. Gonna be worth it though.” – A

In response to: My home value isn’t CMS’s problem — and 5 other unpopular opinions I’ve formed since becoming a homeowner

“I agree with 95% of everything written except the coyotes and marriage part… I believe in marriage and God will judge you. Not me.” – T

“I enjoy seeing Villa Heights and other neighborhoods develop. I grew up in Cleveland, OH, where there is practically no development. The town I went to school in has declined, but that’s common up there. Looking back, it was like watching a piece of fruit rotting on your kitchen counter.” – M

“I’m sure if the author had children in school he would care a lot more about CMS re-zoning.” – F

“Segregation is only considered bad if you believe in data, statistics, historical precedent, and common sense. We have too many middle and upper-middle class white parents that are unwilling – or unable – to read peer-reviewed academic research and instead choose to believe that having their children attend an integrated school stunts their academic growth.” – O

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte accountant

“I really enjoy the confessions interviews, even an accountant. I will add that Enron definitely did have a legit energy trading business, probably the best during their peak. Some of Enron’s former traders live and work in Charlotte.” – E

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have random Charlotte yokel accountants talking about energy trading strategies on your site, or maybe factcheck what they write so that your credibility isn’t harmed in the process. Your anonymous accountant stated, “My favorite Enron story was that they claimed they were making so much money because they ran a sophisticated energy trading operation (which didn’t exist).” In fact, it did exist, there are of tapes you can still listen to online, congressional testimony transcripts regarding the strategy and it constituted fraud just like Enron’s more notable accounting manipulation. Maybe the accountant was doing a kitchen renovation at the time, waiting to get their toddler into a better preschool, or picking the color of their new Tahoe but they should probably stick to helping grandmothers set up trusts and send in their income taxes and leave the trading talk to those of us in the business.” – O

In response to: Hidden gem: 5 quick takeaways from my first visit to Anita’s Mexican Grill

“Finally an authentic mexican joint. Stop hyping up Superica for ad money; that place sucks by the way.” – F

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte high school teacher

“Thank you so much for writing this article and exposing the fact that the graduation rate is a sham. I am a retired teacher and I have known this was going on for a long time. Everything else the teacher said was also very true. People not in education do not have a CLUE as to what is really going on in the schools. I appreciate the candor of the teacher you interviewed, please do not ever reveal her identity, as she will suffer the consequences. My heart goes out to her, as she will probably burn out long before retirement unless she can improve her situation by going to a private institution, where these shenanigans would not be as tolerated.” – A

“I don’t understand the negative responses about the pay. This is a profession he chose and a profession he chose to stay in. Yes teachers are underpaid, My last day of school was over 30 years ago. The were underpaid then and are now. At this point the only way teachers will make progress is stop accepting the positions, and leave the positions. Make sure in your exit interviews to let them know why you are leaving. Supply and demand is the rule of the land, as long as there are people willing to join the profession at low wages, your wages will not increase.” – S

In response to: Chem 101: Katie and Andy, who had plenty in common but lacked chemistry

“There should be a running scoreboard on the outcomes: Future Dates Planned, Texted After but no Follow-up dates, Ghosted, Filed Restraining Orders on Each other, etc. No pressure, Kylie Moore.” – R

In response to: Op-Ed: Please stop tearing down my city

“C’mon, you can’t grow without building! If Charlotte wants to develop into a major urban metropolis this is exactly what it needs. Also, claiming that homes should be off-limits to knock down unless they are ‘tastefully’ expanding them.. LOL builders will do what is most efficient and gets the best ROI.” – J

“As a native I remember South End, Plaza Midwood, and NoDa were too dangerous to go at night. I too miss all my childhood hangouts and landmarks however Charlotte’s crime was out of control for a while. I now live in 4th Ward. My parents would have never moved in to 4th Ward. It was way too dangerous. You want to reduce gentrification then work on reducing crimes in those neighborhoods and maybe there would be less need to tear down and rebuild. Yes I miss the Charlotte of my youth however I love the ‘new’ and safer Charlotte.” – J

“‘Let’s make less money’ — who is this argument going to win over?” – E

“The problem with people that complain about gentrification is that they want gentrification, but on their own terms. They want their neighborhood to get safer, to have better shops, a nicer grocery store, good restaurants, etc. But they want the cost of living there to remain as cheap as it was before it became a nice place to live – that is just not realistic. Affordable housing should be a focus of the city but stopping gentrification in close-in neighborhoods is not the way to go.” – F

“I’m also a commercial real estate developer. Though I don’t do single family development, for 12 years I owned a home in a historic neighborhood that was originally built in 1935 and had not been renovated. After a couple of years of searching and some small renovations to my old home along the way, I was finally able to locate and buy a home nearby that was of similar age, but well beyond any reasonable repair or renovation. I tore it down and built the new home that I live in today. For me personally, I can say that living in a home that’s only a couple of years old is far, far better than living in one with 80+ years of age.” – H

“I am from Atlanta and I watched for 40 years the destruction and loss of the heart of the city. Nothing remains. I have been here 13 years and we are on the same destructive path.” – G

“Everyone loves to blame the developer or new homeowner, but what about the seller who had the audacity to enter into an agreement that allowed him or her to sell the property, probably a much higher price compared to what the market would have likely provided had they insisted that the existing structure be somehow maintained or preserved? The nerve of these sellers to engage in capitalism over preservationism!” – H

“Population boom+limited available land, what did you think would happen?” – J

“Who cares. This place and the surrounding area – train wrecks. No character and too much traffic.” – A

“Property tax is a huge driver for city revenue and what better way than to get rid of sub $100k homes and immediately build $300-500k homes, increasing tax revenue virtually overnight. But this obviously was not tastefully done and we have an identity crisis on our hands.” – J

In response to: 13 must-try steakhouses in Charlotte and what to order at each, including a $125 ribeye

“Just go to Beef N Bottle and skip all the rest.” – K

“So 11 out of 13 are “must try” chains that anyone could sample in any city around the U.S.? Chains are not a differentiator for a city’s food scene.” – J

“So you want a hot take? Del Frisco’s is underrated. It’s packed. It’s #1, but nobody talks about it because it’s not farm to table or local or whatever.” – W

In response to: 3 big decisions for the future of Charlotte transit

“Is there really a considerable population from Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville that would be open to taking busses instead of driving? – J

“In Denver you can walk out of the airport, purchase a 24 hour pass for $9 and walk onto a waiting train and be at Union station in 37 min ( 25 miles away) HUGE deal for Denver. Charlotte needs this!” – J

“If Charlotte wants to be the big city that everyone here claims, we need viable public transportation. Unfortunately, the redneck yokels in Raleigh think that only brown people use public transportation and that our state transportation dollars would be better spent repaving a rarely used road outside New Bern. I would love for the same sort of fundraising that’s about to begin to host the RNC to happen for public transportation.” – O

In response to: What to expect as Charlotte prepares for the Republican National Convention

“Wonder if the contract has the same language as the DNC? ‘In the event the host committee couldn’t raise enough money to stage the convention, the city would be responsible for the gap.’ Duke Power ended up paying the $10.9 MILLION dollar shortfall in 2012, $6 million of that was a cost to shareholders.” – K

“I’ll tell you what to expect: temper tantrums and riots, probably led by members of the city council.” – D

“I stopped reading at ‘Free speech zones’ haha” – J

In response to: I tried community acupuncture. Here’s my experience.

“I started getting acupuncture over a decade ago – it enabled me to get off anti depressants and helped me maintain a healthy body. May I suggest doing community only after you have had several treatments 1:1. If your practitioner is really good they will sit with you during sessions and answer questions – I asked why they did certain points and learned a lot – I even read several books so I could dig deeper. It’s an amazing modality that has worked for centuries and depending on your issue can work beautifully with western medicine. My monthly sessions turned into the most relaxing and rewarding gift I have ever given myself. If you are lucky to find a Five Elements practitioner try it out and make sure you connect with them it can change your life!” – D

In response to: The RNC is coming to Charlotte. Here’s how we should spend the next two years preparing

“This is just a little biased. Cleveland was incident free overall. This isn’t going to be violent, that happens with leftists groups, like the Battle for Seattle or the Occupy movement.” – M

“Yes, our city has peacefulness in its past. We have unrest in our present. Political leanings aside, our fears are not for what is inside the convention center but what will be invited outside of it. To not address that is ludicrous and our CMPD has not exactly shown anything that gives us faith. For those of us that live from the 4th to South End, we have legitimate fears. This city has done a lot of things that have me taking back all of my feelings toward my 13 years in Atlanta as a comparison, since at least Atlanta feigned respect for diversity. But please be honest. Sarah doesn’t have to worry in the streets those days. Most of you do not have to worry in the streets those days. Show some respect for people who do.” – J

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