Confessions of a Charlotte leasing agent

Confessions of a Charlotte leasing agent
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There are over 120,000 apartments in Charlotte. And with every apartment complex comes a leasing agent who helps tenants select their apartment, fill out a lease and collect rent. I talked to one leasing agent about finding snake skin, creepy dudes on tours and being treated like a servant. Here are her confessions:

Tell me about your worst tour.

The worst tour I ever had was with a guy who made me downright uncomfortable. He kept commenting on how I looked and started asking really personal questions. He also felt the need to stand within inches of me the entire time.

It got to the point where I would have him enter the apartment while I held the door open and told him to “feel free to take a look around” so that I had an easy escape. I definitely wasn’t going to walk in and have the door close behind me.

What’s your favorite part about being a leasing consultant? Least favorite?

My favorite part is the rental discount within the company.

Least favorite? When you have to hold the hand of a middle-aged person every step of the way to do everything and all you think in your head is “Really? You should know how to do this on your own, GROW UP!”

What’s the weirdest thing someone has left in their apartment after they’ve moved out?

We found a snake skin in one apartment! I’m hoping it was from a pet and that there isn’t something creeping in the walls.

Tell me about your worst tenant.

There’s no one resident who sticks out.

You have your drunken residents and you have your complainers.

I think being in a higher price point apartment-wise, we don’t have a lot of the ‘problem children’ that some communities do.

What’s the most annoying thing people ask on tours?

I hate when people ask about the demographics of the people living in the building. We can’t tell you due to the law so stop asking (and stop asking in different ways). My answer will always be the same!

The worst is when people ask to view all of the different floor plans, even if they are out of their budget. You said you can’t afford it, so why are you wasting my time?

Can you tell on a tour that someone will be a bad tenant?

Nope. People don’t always show their best (or their worst) sides. It’s imperative to keep an open mind.

What’s the most annoying thing tenants do?

When they treat us like their personal servants. We’re not your mother. Do it yourself. Also, when we see parents paying for their child’s apartment and that child is 30 years old and can’t do anything for themselves.

Do you ever deny a tenant because you just don’t like them?

No, that is highly illegal.

Oh. That makes sense. Any other confessions?

It’s amazing what we know about our residents. We’re the first ones to find out about who’s cheating on who, who’s getting a divorce or who’s having money troubles.

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