16 neighborhood swim clubs in Charlotte. Plus, how to join and how much it costs

16 neighborhood swim clubs in Charlotte. Plus, how to join and how much it costs
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It’s hot. Let’s talk pools.

There are several options to escape the summer heat: YMCA, Levine JCC, country club pools, public pools, or neighborhood swim clubs. All are restricting capacity right now due to COVID-19, and some are staying closed for the summer. Let’s give a quick rundown on pricing for each:

YMCA: For one adult, it’s $73 per month, but that rate can be discounted depending on income (as low as $36 for one adult). Open outdoor pools include Harris Y, Brace Family Y, Keith Family Y, Morrison Y, and Simmons Y.

Levine JCC: The Levine Jewish Community Center is not currently accepting new members due to the coronavirus pandemic. Current members can call to make an appointment to use the outdoor swimming pool. Once membership is open again, prices range from $65 for a single young adult to $129 for a full family per month.

Country clubs: Monthly fees at Charlotte’s country clubs start at about $400 and go up to $1,000 a month. And that doesn’t include the initiation fees of up to $85,000 (whew!).

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Public pools: County owned and operated pools are the most affordable option for cooling off in the summer at only $1 per person. Coronavirus has kept popular Cordelia Pool closed, but Double Oaks Family Aquatic Center is open with block scheduling. Guests can visit on a first-come, first-served basis at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m. intervals, and stay for up to one hour and a half. Only 60 patrons are allowed in at each time block.

Neighborhood swim clubs: Neighborhood clubs are cheaper than country clubs (especially if all you’re looking for is a pool), but offer a little more flexibility than public pools this summer during the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, the community feel at a neighborhood club is just something special.

If you are interested in joining a neighborhood pool, here’s a list of pools and racquet clubs in Charlotte (not ranked).

(1) Barclay Downs Swim & Racquet Club

Location: 2812 Inverness Road

Membership costs: New members are required to pay a $25 application fee, a $3,500 initiation fee, and $825 in annual dues.

Waitlist: For residents, the wait ranges from one to three years. For people who do not live in Barclay Downs, the typical waitlist time is about six years. The number of memberships available vary from year to year depending on how many current members decide to resign and how many members become senior members.

Amenities: Along with the large swimming pool, six tennis courts, and a snack bar, there are also many social events and summer programs such as tennis and swim camps offered for children and teens.

(2) Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club

Location: 10607 Rea Road

Membership costs: For information, fill out the inquiry information on their website.

Amenities: Blakeney has indoor clay courts that add to their series of tennis courts. There are also a variety of outdoor courts, a sauna, a fitness center, and, most importantly, the pool. In the main pool, there is a separate lap lane for swimmers, along with a water slide and wading area for the kids. They also offer private and group swim lessons, as well as a children’s swim team.

(3) Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club

Location: 1000 Lomax Ave.

Membership costs: For new members, there is a $100 application fee, a one-time refundable $150 stock fee, and a $2,500 initiation fee. The member’s current year annual membership dues. The $100 application fee is credited to the first year fees.

Waitlist: The club only has enough space for 380 families, therefore availability is dependent on whether or not all families re-enroll. To get on the waitlist, you must fill out an application and send in a $100 deposit.

Amenities: This club has an L-shaped pool with areas for play and competition, a wading pool, basketball hoops, and a playground. There are also seven tennis courts — four are lighted and two are clay courts. There is a summer swim team for kids with no age minimum, just the ability to swim the entire length of the pool and up to age 18.

(4) Foxcroft East Racquet and Swim Club

Location: 7701 Fairview Road

Membership costs: There are several components of annual membership fees that include an application fee, an initiation fee, an annual membership renewal, and other fees such as maintenance fees. For a limited time, Tennis memberships will be offered for $350 a year with no joining fee.

Waitlist: In order to be added to the waitlist and to learn more specifics about annual dues, you must pay an initial $300 fee along with filling out the online application.

Amenities: Members have full access to pool and tennis facilities, including five courts — four of which can be reserved using an online form.  For the serious swimmers, there is a six-lane 25-meter swimming area. For those interested in a more relaxing swimming experience, there is a diving board, large water slide, and a children’s wading pool. The Foxcroft East Gators swim team is for ages 4 to 18.

(5) Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club

Location: 2301 Sedley Road

Membership costs: For new members, the initiation fee is $4,500 for neighborhood residents and $6,000 for non-residents. The annual fee is $811 for regular members and $270 for senior members.

Waitlist: Currently, they are at their maximum for members, so any and all inquires will be placed on a waitlist. To be added to this list, you will need to fill out the membership application.

Amenities: Along with six state-of-the-art tennis courts, this club has a full-service snack bar, a sports court with basketball hoops, a competition length pool, a diving area to show off your skills, and a newly constructed baby pool. The Foxcroft Fins swim team competes against swim teams in the area every year.

(6) Olde Providence Racquet Club

Location: 5630 Sharon View Road

Membership costs: There are several types of memberships, such as full club memberships, swim-only memberships, and athletic memberships. Each prospective member must get a letter of recommendation from a current member unless you are a newbie to the Charlotte area. Specific and up-to-date pricing can be found by calling the club.

Amenities: Just as the name suggests, this club has a large focus on tennis. It’s home to 37 different courts: 19 lit outdoor courts, 8 unlit outdoor courts, 5 outdoor hard courts, and 5 indoor hard courts. Along with their tennis courts and pool, they also have a fitness center with group exercise programs and personal trainers.

(7) Park Crossing Recreation Club

Location: 10201 Park Crossing Drive

Membership Costs: The initial membership fee is $950 for both residents and non-residents. After the initial fee, the yearly cost is $750.

Amenities: This club offers a wide range of activities including yoga, tennis tournaments (both extremely competitive for the pros and laid back for those wanting a friendly match), fitness groups, trivia, food truck Fridays, and volleyball. Along with a sizable pool, there is also an outdoor television, an outdoor kitchen, a kid friendly-pool for the little ones, as well as a summer swim team.

(8) Rama Swim Club

Location: 6109 Wheeler Drive

Membership Costs: Rama currently has room to add additional members. For a family, there is an $800 initiation fee and $700 in annual dues. A standard membership (which includes an individual or two people who live in the same household) is $800 for an initiation fee and $500 in annual dues. Seniors have a $400 annual dues, and volleyball members have $100 individual dues, or $150 couple dues. Tennis members have annual dues of $150.

Amenities: In the last three years, the club has invested over $100,000 in improvements to their competition-sized, L-shape pool, five tennis courts (two of which are lighted), two lighted sand volleyball courts, and children’s playgrounds. Rama is a convenient location from both Uptown Charlotte and South Charlotte neighborhoods. The club is also known for its summer events for both children and adults, including movie nights, supper clubs, pickup sand volleyball games, and Barbecue competitions. They also have a swim team for ages 4 to 18.

(9) Sardis Swim and Racquet Club

Location: 7400 Thermal Road

Membership Costs: A family membership has a non-refundable $1,500 initiation fee and $800 of annual dues, while an individual membership has a non-refundable $1,000 initiation fee and $550 of annual dues.

Amenities: Sardis has 30 different day summer camps for the little ones and a family friendly environment with a popular swim team, dive team, and 9 tennis courts.

(10) Shannon Park Swim Club

Location: 5126 Grafton Drive

Membership costs: For a new family, it costs $750, for a new couple it costs $650, and for a new individual it costs $550. For a returning family, it costs $575, for a returning couple it costs $475, while a returning individual costs $375. The cost for a new senior couple is $500, and the cost for a returning senior couple is $325. All new-member rates will also include a $175 joining fee.

Amenities: They are most known for their neighborly and kid-friendly vibe along with their swim team that often hosts competitions in their pool. They offer swim lessons, clinics, and a competitive swim team.

(11) Waverly Swim and Tennis Club

Location: 8205 Albemarle Road

Membership costs: There are several membership options. For a full family, there is a $450 initiation fee, a $450 annual payment, and a $50 yearly maintenance fee. Membership for adults with no children consists of a $225 initiation fee, a $350 annual payment, and the same $50 yearly maintenance fee. Members are always allowed to bring guests for $5 each.

Amenities: This facility has a 25-meter pool, diving boards, and a wading pool. There’s also a lake where many families chose to spend the day fishing. You can take your kayak out on the lake, however, swimming in the lake is prohibited. On pool grounds, there are foosball and ping-pong tables, grills, and a concession stand. The Waverly Hammerheads compete in swim meets throughout the summer.

(12) Windyrush Swim and Tennis Club

Location: 6441 Windyrush Road

Membership costs: Family memberships have a $2,000 initiation fee and $795 in yearly dues. Individual memberships have a $500 initiation fee and $795 in yearly dues. There is also a tennis-only membership that has a $550 initiation fee and $550 in yearly dues.

Waitlist: In order to be added to the waitlist, you must pay a $100 application fee and fill out the application. Once your membership is available, the $100 will be applied to your membership.

Amenities: Perfectly tucked away in the Olde Providence neighborhood, Windyrush is most recognized for its swim and dive team, its adult lap swim, pool parties, and its junior and adult tennis clinics.

(13) SouthPark Swim and Tennis Club

Location: 2200 Huntingtowne Farms Lane

Membership costs: Family memberships are $600 annually, couples memberships are $525 annually, and individual memberships are $450. Senior memberships vary ranging from $225 for a couple to $525 for a senior membership plus 4. The tennis only membership is $250 for a single and $325 for a couple. No initiation fee.

Waitlist: They are full for the 2020 season, so the waitlist is at least a year long.

Amenities: Along with their junior Olympic sized pool is a slide, sand volleyball court, playground, concession stand, and baby pool. Members look forward to movie nights on the lawn and Wednesday and Sunday volleyball meetups. The Hammerheads, the swim team, is great for all ages.

(14) Starclaire Recreation Club

Location: 7700 Woodsteam Drive

Membership costs: A $1,500 one-time initiation fee that can be paid over two years. A family membership is $650 annually, singles, and couples membership is $550 a year and a membership for seniors that is $400 annually.

Amenities: As one of the original swim and tennis clubs in Charlotte, Starclaire began renovations in 2019 to help restore the rec club including a new pool. They plan to be reopening in June 2020 for members. Events include movie nights and pool parties. The Dolphins swim team is a great way to get moving during the summer, as well.

(15) Coulwood Pool

Location: 409 Coulwood Drive

Membership costs: At Coulwood a membership for a single adult is $275, for two adults is $395, for one adult plus dependents is $410, and for two adults plus dependents it is $485. A membership for a single senior is $145, for two seniors is $225, for one senior plus dependent is $275, and for two senior plus dependents, it is $375. There is no initiation fee, and you can find the membership form here.

Amenities: The 25-meter, 6 lane pool is perfect for getting in those laps, and the 9-foot diving area with two diving boards is fun for the kids. There is also a swim team for kids aged 5-18. You can rent out Coulwood club for a party or event, as well; $120 for members and $250 for non-members.

(16) Mountainbrook Swim & Racquet

Location: 3100 Mill Pond Road

Membership costs: For a family full club membership, there is an initiation fee of $2,500 with a $795 annual fee. For a single full club membership, there is an initiation fee of $1,400 with a $400 annual fee. A tennis only membership has an initiation fee of $500 with a $400 annual fee. You can fill out the membership application form online.

Amenities: Their four tennis courts can be used for open play Thursday nights, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoons, along with junior and adult clinics and private lessons. The full-size pool and the splash pad area are fun for everyone, and the kids can join the swim team for $75 a child, or go to a tennis camp that runs all summer. A few Fridays a month, you can go to the pool movie night and watch an outdoor movie with other members.

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