Details on 8 neighborhood swim clubs you can join, including pricing, amenities and waitlist times

Details on 8 neighborhood swim clubs you can join, including pricing, amenities and waitlist times
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It’s hot. Let’s talk pools.

Trying to escape the heat the summer heat, but have no desire (or cash) to be part of a country club? For many families, joining their local YMCA or Levine JCC has given them access to pools this summer.

Membership at the YMCA costs $70/mo for the first adult, $28/mo for additional adults, and $8/mo for children. Click here to view the several Charlotte locations that you could join this summer.

Membership at the Levine JCC costs $118/mo per family, $100/mo for a couple, $76.50/mo for a single adult, and $46/mo for a student. There are also more specific rates that you can find here, that range depending on your age and number of members.

However, if you are interested in joining a neighborhood pool, here’s a list of pools and racquet clubs in Charlotte.

Barclay Downs Swim & Racquet Club

Location: 2812 Inverness Road

Membership costs: New members are required to pay a $25 application fee, a $3,500 initiation fee, and $800 in annual dues. For people who do not live in Barclay Downs, the typical waitlist time is about 6 years.

Waitlist: For residents, the wait ranges from 1-3 years. The number of memberships available vary from year to year depending on how many current members decide to resign and how many members become senior members.

Amenities: Along with the large swimming pool, 6 tennis courts, and delicious snack bar, there are also many summer programs, such as tennis and swim camps offered for children and teens. Although the waitlist for this pool is quite extensive, all of the amenities available for members definitely make it worth the while.


Foxcroft East Racquet and Swim Club

Location: 7701 Fairview Road

Membership costs: To become a member, there is a $300 application fee, $3,000 initiation fee, $600 annual fee, and an $100 annual assessment.

Waitlist: In order to be added to the waitlist, you must pay an initial $300 fee along with filling out the online application.

Amenities: Members have full access to pool and tennis facilities, including 5 courts, 4 of which can be reserved using an online form.  For the serious swimmers, there is a 6 lane 25-meter swimming area. For those interested in a more relaxing swimming experience, there is a diving board, large water slide, and a children’s wading pool.

Olde Providence Racquet Club

Location: 5630 Sharon View Road

Membership costs: There are several types of memberships, such as full club memberships, swim-only Memberships, and athletic memberships. Each prospective member must get a letter of recommendation from a current member, unless you are a newbie to the Charlotte area. You’ll have to call the club for specific pricing.

Amenities: Just as the name suggests, this club has a large focus on the tennis. It’s home to 37 different courts: 19 lit outdoor courts, 8 unlit outdoor courts, 5 outdoor hard courts, and 5 indoor hard courts. Along with their tennis courts and pool, they also run a state of the art fitness center with programs such as group exercise and personal trainers.

Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club

Location: 2301 Sedley Road

Membership costs: For new members, the initiation fee is $4,000 for neighborhood residents and $5,000 for non-residents. The annual fee is $720 for regular members and $240 for senior members.

Waitlist: Currently, they are at their maximum for memberships, so any and all inquires will be placed on a waitlist. To be added to this list, you will need to fill out the membership application.

Amenities: This club has a full-service snack bar, a sports court with basketball hoops, and a competition length pool.

Blakeney Racquet and Swim Club

Location: 10607 Rea Road

Membership costs: For information, fill out the inquiry information on their website.

Amenities: This summer, Blakeney will be adding new indoor clay courts to their series of tennis courts. There are also a series of outdoor courts, a sauna, a fitness center, and most importantly of course, the pool. In the main pool, there is a separate lap lane for serious swimmers, along with a water slide and wading area for the younger kids.

Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club

Location: 1000 Lomax Avenue

Membership costs: The fee for a first-year family member is $2,550 and $2,325 for a first-year individual member.

Waitlist: The club only has enough space for 350 families, therefore availability is dependent on whether or not all families re-enroll. To get on the waitlist, one must fill out an application and send in a deposit of $100.

Amenities: This club has an “L” shaped pool with areas for play and competition, a wading pool, basketball goals, and playground. There are also seven tennis courts.

Shannon Park Swim Club

Location: 5126 Grafton Drive

Membership costs: For a new family, it costs $700, and for a new individual it costs $550. For a returning family, it costs $575, while a returning individual costs $475. The cost for a senior couple is $325.

Amenities: They are most known for their swim team that often hosts friendly competitions in their pool.

Waverly Swim and Tennis Club

Location: 8205 Albemarle Road

Membership costs: There are several membership options. For a full family, there is an initiation fee of $450, an annual payment of $450, and a yearly maintenance fee of $50. A membership for adults with no children consists of an initiation fee of $225, an annual payment of $350, and the same yearly maintenance fee of $50. Members are always allowed to bring guests for just a $5 entry fee.

Amenities: This facility has a 25-meter pool, diving boards, and wading pool. There’s also a lake where many families chose to spend the day fishing. You can also take your kayak out on the lake, however, swimming in the lake is prohibited. On pool grounds, there are foosball andping-pongg tables, grills, and a concession stand.

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