The Cellar: The best bar in Charlotte to actually have a conversation

The Cellar: The best bar in Charlotte to actually have a conversation
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For as long as I have lived here, uptown has been nothing but loud bars, clubs or nothing-special bars that do the job.

Worst of all, some of these places have the audacity to charge a cover. Part of the reason they get away with this is that there is no variety and limited supply.

We have nowhere cool to get a great cocktail and an affordable meal. There is no place to get a nice drink and actually hear the person next to you talk at any time of the day.

People have been clamoring for something new, something unique, something to fill that void. And folks, now we have it… The Cellar at Duckworth’s.



Tucked into the basement of Duckworth’s Uptown is the speakeasy that I (and many others) have been waiting for.

Combining inviting ambience, impeccable service, great food, cocktails and rare beers, The Cellar has hit every note to perfection. During my visits there the service has been top of the line, the food has been delicious (that aioli that comes with the fries must be tried) and the cocktails always impress.

While they tout having extremely rare beers on the menu, I feel that the Cellar is so much more. It provides an atmosphere unlike any other in the city.

Prices are reasonable ($11-$14 for a craft cocktail, but you can get a standard vodka drink for $6) and the mood is what you’d expect.



When you walk through the door, once you get past how dark it is (it’s supposed to be that way), you realize this isn’t your normal Charlotte bar. Old school piano music, no TV’s, wait staff dressed to the nines and gorgeous décor call out to you that this is a place that you want to be.

My call to arms is to give this place a shot. It’s open 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week. It’s easy and it’s convenient.

People have been asking for this, and now it is open and ready for business. Ready to serve Charlotte a bit of something new.

A place like this gives gravitas to our nightlife. I would love for this city’s social scene to evolve beyond the EpiCentre, standard bars that charge cover or BAR freaking Charlotte, and this is an excellent first step.

Photos via Jonathan Wells.

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