Here’s what a $1,000 pair of sneakers from Social Status looks like

Here’s what a $1,000 pair of sneakers from Social Status looks like
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Have you ever seen those hip looking guys waiting in line on Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood on Saturday mornings?

They’re waiting for the hottest new sneaker to drop at Social Status, a clothing store so exclusive, some of their pieces are carried by less than 10 other stores in the country.

social status 6

Social Status is located at 1519 Central Avenue.

People start lining up the night before for Social Status’ limited releases from brands like Timberland, Adidas, and especially Nike.

Social Status is a Nike Tier Zero retailer, which sneakerheads know to mean they receive most limited of Nike’s public releases. These ultra cool campers are likely prepared to drop close to $500 on a single pair of kicks.

But that’s chump change compared to what assistant buyer Brendan Ollish showed me when I asked him what the store’s most expensive piece was. He taught me about Hender Scheme, a Tokyo-based label that reproduces popular US sneaker models with handmade vegetable leather.


Hender Scheme is a current favorite of Justin Bieber and Diddy. Their Air Force One take costs $1280, and their Timberland model costs a cool $1400. I tried on their Margiela remake, which’ll set you back $950.

social status 9

Handmade leather Air Jordan 4s for your birthday list.

social status 8

Vegetable-tanned leather Timberlands.

I was so nervous walking around in these nearly $1000 pair of Margiela-inspired shoes.

Athletic gear is only part of their appeal.

Social Status also carries luxury genres, what Brendan called “Fashion Week styles.” You’ll find $600 sweatpants from Drake’s buddy Virgil Abloh and $300 t-shirts from Kanye favorite Commes De Garcon.

social status 10

Social Status also carries backpacks, art, wallets, and accessories.

The store isn’t just for those who can afford to spend on sneakers what most of us probably pay for mortgages. I was surprised to find out Social Status has something for everyone.

When you walk into the store, you’ll hear lots of nostalgic early-00’s hip-hop, and you’ll find plenty of brands from that era, like Bathing Ape, Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club, and even Vans.

Social Status also carries more mainstream styles from Reebok, New Balance, and some of the same Nikes you’d find at a department store.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed by Social Status because I thought I wasn’t cool enough or rich enough to shop there, but they’ve got collections for all budgets.

social status 11

Social Status considers Plaza Midwood their flagship location, and Charlotte their home city.

They don’t want the people here thinking the store is just all about expensive clothes.

You can grab a $30 t-shirt, participate in their weekly run club organized on their Instagram, and play mini-sneakerhead with more wallet-friendly releases.

For example, these dope Jordan 3’s drop May 12 and only cost $200.

social status 3

You’ve got to grab a pair of these sick Jordans when they come out May 12th.

Now that you know you’re cool enough for Social Status, hit them up and start compiling your dream sneaker collection.

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