Shake Shack served 7,000 guests opening weekend — 4 things the burgermania taught Charlotte about itself

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Shake Shack’s grand opening left Charlotte shook — and that’s cool.

According to Shake Shack data, approximately 7,000 total guests were served during their grand opening weekend.

Lines wrapped around the building throughout the weekend, and one group even arrived at 2 a.m. for the 11 a.m. restaurant opening.

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4 things Charlotte learned about itself (but already knew):

(1) Charlotte loves new stuff, and we shouldn’t apologize for it.

We’re a city that loves new stuff. New bars. New restaurants. New apartments. New startups. New people. New ideas.

This is a good thing, not a bad thing. We’re open. We’re curious. Don’t feel guilty. It’s fun to try new stuff because it’s new.

Eventually quality wins, but in the meantime, it’s OK to go explore the new spots.

(2) Charlotte loves better, not just local.

Let’s not fool ourselves, we spend money on stuff because it’s the best, not because it’s local.

Shake Shack does a simple, delicious burger. It tastes really good, so Charlotte will buy it.

And they did buy it. Roughly 1,500 single ShackBurgers were sold on opening weekend alone (the other top-selling menu items were their crinkle cut fries and chocolate milkshake).

(3) It’s EDENS‘ city; the rest of us are just living in it.

EDENS, the owner of Park Road Shopping Center, has quietly transformed the sleepy strip center into a retail powerhouse. Hat tip to them for landing the first Shake Shack in the Carolinas.

They’re doing the same in South End’s Atherton Mill, Dilworth’s Kenilworth Commons and Myers Park’s Harris Teeter-anchored center.

EDENS knows rich Charlotte better than rich Charlotte knows itself.

(4) Charlotte loves ideas from other cities because most of us are from other cities.

Yes, we know they’re chains, but Charlotte loves concepts like Chopt and Potbelly because we’ve experienced them.

Given chain success here in Charlotte, I wouldn’t be surprised if real estate executives at other chains — like Whataburger, In-N-Out, Sweet Green, Pollo Tropical, White Castle, Wawa and Wegman’s — will be evaluating Charlotte debuts.

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