Dear Agenda: Where do you go to get work done, outside of your office?

Dear Agenda: Where do you go to get work done, outside of your office?
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Every two weeks, we’ll feature an audience question and have all four of our editorial team members provide their answer. Want to submit a question? Send an email to

“Most of the time, my employer allows me to work from anywhere. But, working from home is tough, I prefer to go somewhere. Where do you go to get out of the office and get work done?” – W

Thanks for the question. Here are a few Agenda guides you should check out:

Katie Loveluck

#3 Main Library. Nothing gives me that laser-focused, grad school-style work flow quite like a good old library. It’s where I go when I don’t want to run into people.

#2 Trade and Lore. A gorgeous spot and one of the more spacious coffee shop options when you’re not up for fighting for a tiny bistro table.


#1 The People’s Market. No question. The all-in-one coffee shop, food counter and bar has you covered morning to night with tons of seating, great natural light and plenty of of outlets when you need to plug in. The best part? You can start a tab and grab coffee, snacks, burgers, beer (kombucha for me) and more throughout the day with one easy closeout before you leave. It’s like a coworking space in disguise and I owe them rent, for real.

Ted Williams

#3 JJ’s Red Hots Dilworth. WiFi is fast and free. It’s a great non-coffee shop spot. I normally order chips and a beer and park myself in a booth during the 2-5 p.m. hours.

#2 Amelie’s Park Road Shopping Center. I either go to here or Mugs Coffee Shop; both are close to my house. I love the mezzanine level at Amelie’s, but it’s always pretty crowded.

#1 Starbucks East Boulevard. I know, I know pretty basic of me. But, I love that it opens at 5 a.m. and the new leather seating is terrific. Yes, the parking sucks. And free refills if you have their app.


Kylie Moore

#3 Sunflour’s East Boulevard locationThe East Boulevard location is cozy and is good for people watching when you need a breather. Pro tip: Don’t be the person that brings in a second monitor and a mouse.

#2 Suffolk PunchThe food and drink are great too, but the plants you’re surrounded by inside and the huge tables on the patio outside make for useful and weirdly inspiring spaces.

#1 Earl’s GroceryIt’s got everything a millennial needs to get by for a work day: free wifi, plenty of lunch options, garage door windows that are up every time it’s nice out and out plenty of outlets.

Andrew Dunn

#3 Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. On a nice weekday afternoon when the biergarten isn’t too busy, you can sit outside and knock out a bunch of work.

#2 South End Grind. This coffee shop flies a little under the radar, but they make tasty beverages (they use the inverted Aeropress method for its drinks, the only place I’ve seen locally that does it this way). Plenty of space to work, and there’s even a little nook where you won’t be bothered very much.

#1 Scaleybark Library. I’ve heard it said that the library is one of the last remaining places you’re allowed to hang out and not be expected to buy something. So true. Scaleybark is right off the light rail and is a fairly low-traffic branch — meaning you’re not doing anything but GTD.

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