instimate, a Charlotte-based dating app that automatically plans dates for its users, now available in App Store

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At first glance, Sterling Scott’s soon-to-launch instimate looks like a typical dating app: Users edit their profiles, upload their best photos and begin swiping.

That is, until you download it.

Immediately, users are launched into a detailed questionnaire that calls upon information like zip code, job title, education level and income and another with their match preferences.

It then moves into the user’s next two weeks’ availability and first and second date preferences.

The categories, which include arts and entertainment, food and nightlife offer a seemingly endless array of activities to choose from (salsa club, strip club, castle and hot spring are among the most out there choices).

And then it separates itself completely from the likes of Tinder or Bumble and does the work of planning a date for you.

The app has been in the works since 2016, and Scott hopes it will solve the problems most people in Charlotte have with the city’s dating scene, namely the amount of time they spend on dating apps versus the amount of dates they actually go on.

“This makes it actionable,” Scott said. “Ideally [on apps], if you’re matching someone, you should be meeting them very shortly after that.”

Before a conversation between matches is even started, dates are scheduled automatically based on availability and preferences. Users can then get to know each other through the in-app messaging and choose to go on the date, reschedule or cancel.

With several algorithms in place to guarantee quality matches, more dates and the promise of safe, healthy interactions (like a Text Message Buddy System in the premium version), instimate has earned the backing of the likes of John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything and Julie Wadley, a well-known matchmaker.

After the initial launch on Monday, Scott aims to spend the next few months focusing just on the Charlotte area before expanding nationally.

instimate is available for download on the App Store.

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