Dear Agenda: “I’m planning a date and I want to mix it up, any different ideas?”

Dear Agenda: “I’m planning a date and I want to mix it up, any different ideas?”
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“I’m planning a date for next weekend. I want to mix it up from just the typical brewery and restaurant scene, have any out of the box ideas?” – J

Thanks for the question. Here are a few Agenda classic Agenda guides you should check out:

Katie Loveluck

#3 Blend your own bottles of wine at The Ritz. Their sneaky little lobby wine bar, Hidden Wine, offers an interactive wine blending experience that feels like a science experiment but fun. Add a $45 spa day pass to hang around in the Aqua Lounge.

#2 Go on a FEAST food tour. Eat your way through Charlotte neighborhoods like South End, Uptown and Plaza Midwood on a walking tour with stops at six restaurants along the way. Read about the experience.


#1 Play classic arcades at Abari Game Bar. Casual, fun, cheap. Can’t go wrong.

abari pinball machines

Kylie Moore

#3 Go to Inner Peaks for a day. It’s the couples’ version of team building at its finest (plus, there’s nothing like racing to the top on auto-belay tracks). Here’s your guide.

#2 Rent a couple of LimeBikes, pack a picnic and hit the greenway or the parks for the afternoon. Or Spin bikes or Ofo bikes or Mobikes (whichever ones have been literally tossed nearest you).

#1 Take a cooking class. Check out Whole Foods’ Salud! Cooking School for its theme nights (they literally have Date Night and Dinner and a Movie options). Classes sell out fast, so book early.

Ted Williams

#3 Go to a Checkers hockey game. There are only 6 more home games. And make sure you enter the Chuck-A-Puck contest!

#2 Experience hibachi. Select one of the seven true hibachi restaurants in Charlotte. Do a sake bomb. I love this for a big group date. If you’re into new stuff, go DIY at Let’s Meat and enjoy their $30 all-you-can-eat meat experience.

#1 Take some swings at Topgolf. “It’s all in the hips… it’s all in the hips…” Topgolf is a fantastic date spot. Waits can be long during peak hours, so be prepared. Order the nachos.


I love that the Checkers players walk by the crowd on the way out to the ice.

Andrew Dunn

#3 Fire some rounds at the range. Blackstone Shooting in West End has a beautiful facility and is very friendly to first-timers. They’ll get you outfitted with the ammunition, eye and ear protection and targets you’ll need, and let you try out a variety of firearms. On a date, you’ll walk out paying somewhere around $100 for it all.


#3 Bounce at the trampoline park. Sky High in Pineville charges $14 for the first hour, which gets you access to standard trampolines, foam-covered basketball hoops to dunk on, dodgeball arenas and a foam pit to do flips into. It doubles as a sneaky-good workout.

#1 Don a sensor vest at Laser Tag. Yes, it’s still as fun as you remember doing as a kid. Laser Quest in Pineville has a classic two-story game area and will give you detailed statistics on your accuracy after your round. You pay $9.50 per 15-minute round.

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