​Dimensional Place in South End targets December completion

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You undoubtedly know about Dimensional Place, the much-discussed project under construction now at Tryon and Camden. It’s the one that replaced the Common Market and Food Truck Friday lot in South End.

The project initial design drew a ton of criticism. After public outcry, building owner Dimensional Fund Advisors, architect Duda Paine and developer Cousins Properties reimagined the project and improved the design.

Two and a half years later, the project is rising high into the sky.

When complete the building will be 8 stories and 163 feet high. It will have 265,000 square feet of office space for the Dimensional Fund Advisors headquarters — plus more than 15,000 square feet of retail space spread across Camden, Tryon and Park.

Here are the latest designs for what it will look like, including a few exclusive images.

The updated design honestly looks pretty great.

And burying the power lines is a win no matter what. The materials to be used on the retail-lined Camden side are top notch and will complement the street very well.

While I can certainly see the “this belongs in South Park” sentiment, I really like the design of the tower itself. The parking deck is nicely screened, which is a dramatic departure from a lot of other crappy projects around town.

If I could complain about it a bit though, I think the lobby is still way too big. I get that Dimensional Fund Advisors is paying for it, and they build the lobby as they see fit.

I also wish the beautiful rooftop terrace was publicly accessible in some way, but there are security issues. I really hope they make the parking deck free or REALLY cheap after hours to benefit the community.

Overall, this project has evolved significantly into a really solid project which will really change how South End looks.

Construction is on pace to wrap up in December of this year and there is a ton of interest for the retail slots.

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