Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on sexy careers, iPhone theft, Shake Shack, 1950s housewife etiquette and dating apps

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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: These are the absolute sexiest careers in Charlotte

“Charlotte men love poetry and a glass of scotch. Not sales reps and strippers. Stay classy, Charlotte.” – W

“Made me want to throw up. All that content does is encourage and glorify the shallow dating habits already prevalent in our culture.” – A

“I fell in love with a dental assistant (*shrugs*). I think that’s pretty sexy, but that’s just me.” – M

In response to: A comprehensive guide to 45 restaurant openings coming to Charlotte in 2018

“In 1986, there were fewer than 44 restaurants total & whether they served, Italian, Chinese or French food, a Greek family owned it.” – D

In response to: 5 hikes for Charlotteans obsessed with the outdoors

“People who are ‘obsessed with the outdoors’ don’t like Crowders- WAY to many people.” – M

“If you go to South Mountains, you should make Fonta Flora Brewery your post-hike fueling station.” – J

In response to: Rash of iPhone thefts hits Ri Ra Irish Pub

“This is not a recent trend. This happened to me and 20 other girls (according to Verizon) on 1 day alone in March 2016. It was taken from a closed cross-body bag within 5 minutes of entering the bar. CMPD needs to step it up.” – S

“This same thing happened at The Roxbury about a month ago. Our friend had a phone stolen from a purse she kept on her, and then $60 out of the purse after that. Outside, multiple other girls were crying and looking for their phones.” – N

In response to: Agenda readers say the dating scene has gotten worse – and they’re sick of the apps

“People have changed. Society has changed. The idea of casually hooking up in college has now moved on to people in their late 20s and early 30s. What I don’t understand is that these same people that are complaining about these behaviors are the ones doing it. Until people’s attitudes about commitment change and people stop participating in Apps and hook-up culture, dating will never improve. People need to go out and actually talk to people, get to know them, and pursue a relationship. If you are willing to treat people like they are just a swipe, you are going to attract someone who is willing to be just a swipe.” – P

In response to: Charlotte will lose its mind over Shake Shack — CFO Tara Comonte won’t believe the sales volume

“Shake Shack will be a good option outside of Brooks Sandwich House weekday hours!” – J

“Can’t wait ! I miss those burgers 🍔 I didn’t miss the nyc lines lol” – V

“Example #3,418 why Charlotte continues to lag behind other similar sized and smaller cities in terms of its culinary scene, these are the most anticipated openings in the city this year: #1 Shake Shack (chain burger place),  #2 Whole Foods (chain grocery store), #3 Bang Bang Bites (burger place), #4 Flour Shop (local restaurant) and  #5 Holler & Dash (Cracker barrel biscuit chain) Are you kidding me? Two burger places, three chains and a f***ing grocery store. You had an article asking if Charlotte was basic a few months ago and honestly, Charlotte has a ways to go to simply attain basic. Places like Tompkins Hall, The Crunkleton, whatever Paul Verica is going to open, anything the guys from Aix on Provence touch, etc. There are plenty of exciting places coming to Charlotte this year and the readers of this place pick chains and a grocery store as their most anticipated openings. Be better Charlotte.” – A

In response to: Agenda guide to landing a summer internship in Charlotte, including pay, perks and dress code at 12 high-profile companies

“This blows my mind. In my clinical counseling graduate program, I had to do 600 hours of internships and I didn’t get paid a single dime. It’s so normal in my field that I didn’t realize this is how much interns in other fields made.” – K

In response to: How I Work – 21 questions with Frank Scibelli, owner of Mama Ricotta’s, YAFO, Paco’s and Midwood Smokehouse

“Frank’s establishments are regional treasures. I’ve known Frank since I worked at Charlotte Magazine in the late 1990s or early 2000s. If he sees me at one of his restaurants, he comes by to say hello and offers a firm handshake. He treats us like family. His staff is always courteous and attentive. New places come and go, but Frank has a system for success and I think it comes down to hiring well and taking the time to train his people. More importantly, the man runs an empire without behaving like an emperor.” – J

“He lost me at Fox News.” – E

“I couldn’t read past the part that neither of you ordered the Penne Ala Vodka!” – M

“love Frank’s comment, “I love developing people. I love the successes in getting people to go where they want to go.” The sign of a true servant leader. Nice work Frank.” – G

“Frank a Gem. Best Restauranteur that ever had the pleasure of meeting, and being able to call him a friend as well. Anyone who has not been to a one of, or all of his establishment’s should go, they do not disappoint.” – R

Interesting story but best part is the HP-12C on his desk. Really old school.It uses reverse Polish notation and was the “go-to” calculator for investments because it could do complex PV and FV calculations​ for cash flows. – W

In response to: 7 takeaways from dining at Flour Shop — the hot new 66-seat restaurant by Trey Wilson

“It’s already a top 5 restaurant in Charlotte, just wait until they hone in the service, perfect the menu and add dessert – Flour Shop is going to be up there with Kindred and Fig Tree for #1 Charlotte restaurant, mark my words.” – J

“I agree with you that the Flour Shop has delicious food but it is way overpriced for what you get. $18 for five small pieces of ravioli…really?” – N

In response to: I adhered to 1950s housewife etiquette for a week without telling my husband. Here’s how that went

“Your babies are totally Gap Babies! So cute! Other than that this article made me cringe, there’s a reason a lot of 1950s housewives drank so much…” – L

“You need a Roomba!” – S

“Funny and insightful! Too often we wish for the ‘good ole days’ … but were they that good for everyone?” – B

“Don’t worry, you’ll be living this way after having kids without even realizing it and, it won’t be a bad thing!” – L

“I handed the column to my wife and told her to also bake me a pie. Pretty sure I’ll be handling all household chores for the next month.” – J

“That.Was.Awesome. Kuddos to you for lasting the full 5 days. I would have given up Day 1!!!” – A

“My own mother was the ultimate 1950’s Housewife…and since I was born in 1948 (yes, I’m almost 70…YIKES) and I also took Home Economics all through Jr. High and High School, I can verify these ‘rules’ were real. UGH. My mother did not work…so the house was picked up before my father came home…it was EXPECTED. Dinner was made to his taste and the foods he wanted…years later I discovered my mother ate almost nothing as she didn’t like all the Hungarian food she prepared for him. My mother greeted my father when he came home from work, NOT with water, but with a Martini, which she has made herself to his taste – yes, she also had one or more, although Scotch was her preferred drink.” – V

In response to: 9 takeaways from my first visit to Hello, Sailor

“In my opinion, it’s over rated. The decor is weird, the cocktails are gross, the food is good but overpriced and the overall vibe in there is pretentious. Oh, you have a group here for a birthday? No, we can’t move tables to seat you together… even though it’s not crowded and it’s a Wednesday in January. No, we can’t cook your steak medium well either.” – E

“Ventured to the Great Lake-y North with 3 friends for a midweek lunch. Great mid-Century-meets-Cali vibe, but fish camp it ain’t. The Calabash shrimp were over salted (2 of us ordered), and the avocado slaw was riddled with too many onions. We did love the cocktails, and the best dish at our table was the Crab Louis salad and chicken sandwich. The hushpuppies are just OK. The hype is a by-product of Kindred’s big success, but until this shakes out, Hello Sailor is just a cool lunch spot. It will be too slammed once boating season starts for the Charlotte crowd to deal with I-77 construction and long waits for tables.” – S

In response to: Charlotte’s tight parking spots often smaller than city rules allow

“Heist (NoDa) has the most stupidly narrow parking spaces in the city. I’m talking, ‘why even bother’ narrow. Their 6-foot spaces laugh at 7th Street Station and Metropolitan.” – C

“Regarding tight parking spaces, I think Trader Joe’s off Rea Rd probably has the smallest. Ballantyne Quad (just outside Duckworth’s) is runner-up.” – F

“The Metropolitan lot is, quite simply, a nightmare any way you look at it but let me point out something that took place the FRIDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS: They had cones everywhere and blocked spaces to get to TJs to>>> paint the lines!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday shopping there is bad enough – the holidays compound the situation but WHO made that decision? I know the article was about space size but this was about painting the lines of those spaces so it’s related. It’s called common sense people.” – S

In response to: Unsolicited Advice: Fig Tree should host a toddler and parent fine dining event

“I must say that I am impressed that you actually rely on a legit print publication like Fast Company to supply the foundation for content on your lifestyle blog. You coming up with these ideas on your own without a catalyst would be downright terrifying. The idea of bringing your non-appreciative children to a fine dining establishment to ruin it is quite possibly the whitest idea you have ever put out there. You’ve won over the breweries by turning them into community daycares, leave the non-populating population’s dining experiences alone for christ’s sake. People with young children forfeit their right to fun and independence – and quiet fine dining – when they are out there recklessly putting Ps in Vs. Have a nice weekend.” – N

“For the last three years in December Fig Tree has opened for a holiday brunch to which they invited Santa, children and Assistant League of Charlotte. It is an experience to see children and their parents dining together in that beautiful home and enjoying fabulous pancakes. It has been an honor for Assistance League of Charlotte to be the beneficiary of the proceeds from the breakfasts. All of the moneys taken in that day are given directly to our organization and we use the funds to help area at risk children. The Fig Tree staff donate their time and talents to ensure everyone has a great time. It truly is my favorite part of the Holiday season.” – K

“No no no no no no no no… No. Seriously. No. Ted, please. No. Why do parents, especially new parents, insist on these sorts of things when the solutions are so simple and obvious: 1) Get a babysitter. 2) Experience fine dining BEFORE you start having kids. 3) Wait until your kids are teens and can fend for themselves. We all make choices. Choices have consequences. You have made your choice, and that’s great! I get it! I have kids too! But with that comes sacrifice… And your sacrifice needs to be dinner at Fig Tree without your toddler who would neither remember nor appreciate the meal. Are you trolling us with these articles?” – C

In response to: Metropolitan parking garage could see changes to make driving easier

“This garage is very flawed. Hard to believe so many fundamental design mistakes were incorporated with so many expert design practices available. There’s more to designing a garage than meeting the required parking count. Then again, garaged parking spaces cost 4x more to construct than a space in a lot. It ain’t cheap. It’s shocking that a pedestrian hasn’t been run down at the lower level garage entrance at Target across the street. On a sunny day, there is very little time for eyes to adjust to the dark or take off sunglasses upon entering. The elevators are right there where a pedestrian and driver not on full alert will collide. Poor design practice 100%.” – S

“I got hit in this parking garage and of course there was no note or phone number. I called security and they have no cameras in there!” – L

In response to: How Selwyn Pub made a name for its cheap $5 Transfusions in a craft cocktail and brewery town

If it can slow down the scourge of $12+ cocktails in Charlotte, sign me up! – R

“The Transfusion to Ted… [below]” – A

In response to: 5 things you may not have known you can do with your library card

“Hoopla is mentioned but it truly is a wonderful database of current and classic movies that can be added as an app to an Amazon Fire or Roku.” – R

“Does the book club kit include wine?” – P

“Fun fact: I still have my original library card from when I was in first grade and learned to read, it’s got a WNBA Charlotte Sting player on it, talk about a throwback!” – A

“Just applied for my library card online. Good article!” – N

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