Lead Content Marketer

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Our company is building a new type of content marketing team and we need a new marketing professional with a high emphasis in and responsibility for content creation for multiple clients, including but not limited to social media, digital, print, SEO, blogs, etc. As a content marketing professional, you will be creating and managing various forms of content for digital efforts with our agency marketing team, our agency president and the agency clients. This position will focus on creative content creation that strengthens and expands each client’s brand and reach, with a strong emphasis on achieving organic optimization and eventual website traffic goals. Our clients want us to create content that motivates their customers to buy things.

But this is new. It’s not “copy and paste” or performing the bare minimum and moving on. This is in-depth with thought and new best practices. (We probably will invent things based on our “guts”). It’s a new way of writing content on how Google tells us. It’s multiple pathways to arrive at a single point of entry. This is content marketing that you probably have not seen yet. You’ll work closely with our agency president on discovering and inventing this new era of content marketing. We may even get bruised and bumped a few times. Through challenges and failures we learn.

We’ve always been proud to develop custom content strategies that give our clients the extra “slice” of creativity and optimized genius. Again, this is for experienced professionals. Skilled people who want to grow and move mountains for agency clients while you grow your career to a new level.

• Create engaging and creative content of various forms (email, articles, blogs, social media, images, etc) that will support our client’s marketing and sales goals.
• Ability to brainstorm and conceptualize new forms of content and communications campaigns for products and services, network marketing and event marketing, on behalf of our clients.
• Ability to react on the fly to client messaging and strategy changes. We are flexible across all channels…one big reason why clients love us.
• Work with marketing team on developing each client’s content calendar and product or service focus.
• Create, execute and measure content marketing and social campaigns to ensure that they are carried out effectively and meet defined strategic goals.
• Collaborate with our creative design teams for special creative campaign requirements, custom graphics, etc.
• Research and analyze new content trends within Google and within each client’s particular service or product area niche.

• Love to write content for different types of clients and industries.
• Self-motivated and able to work in an organized way without micro management, but you thrive in a collaborative and spirited environment.
• You know WordPress and social media at an advanced level.
• You can brainstorm and collaborate with clients (yes, you will work with clients). You can’t sit in the meetings like a bump on a log. You need people skills.
• Strong time management with ability to meet deadlines.
• Building a new team spirit and environment – based on advanced content techniques and desire to win on behalf of our clients.
• You can spell and use grammar, we use the AP Style Guide, (no excuse here).
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communications.
• 5+ years’ professional full-time work experience in content marketing with an emphasis on custom content creation – no beginners or “I can write, too!”.
• Mature, professional work demeanor with a nod toward creativity and fun.
• You must be able to write content for people and search engines – this is the most important aspect of this position. Writing balanced and optimized content.

You bring more value if:
• You know AdWords PPC.
• You know Facebook Ads, promoted posts, etc.
• You know Google Analytics.
• You know heat map or other types of website tracking.
• You know MailChimp.
• You know automated marketing.
• You know new content writing trends.
• You know about new content indexing trends with Google.
• You embrace technology and content and marketing.

What we will give in return:
• We’ll give you a winning environment.
• You’ll work with a very experienced agency president with an extensive marketing knowledge bank.
• We’ll challenge you to bring out your best skill sets.
• We’ll help you grow toward your goals.
• You’ll learn more here than you ever have previously.
• We’ll show you what you’ve been missing and how you can rise above your peers.
• Salary of $70,000+.
• 100% company-paid Health Insurance with United Healthcare.
• Opportunity for advancement (we will grow into other southeast markets).

To apply:
Send your interest with supporting things to Jay Joyce at The Idea People, jay@theideapeople.com.

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