15 romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day dinner, depending on your relationship status

15 romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day dinner, depending on your relationship status
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A few days ago we asked 31,000+ Agenda newsletter subscribers: “What’s the most romantic restaurant in Charlotte?” After thousands of responses, survey says:

#1: Fig Tree (doubled the votes of #2)
#2: Barrington’s
#3: The Cellar at Duckworth’s
#4: McNinch House
#5: Beef ‘N Bottle (I go here frequently)
#6: Alexander Michael’s
#7: Kindred
#8: Fahrenheit
#9: Stagioni (4-course, $75 prix fixe menu)
#10: Carpe Diem
#11: Soul Gastrolounge
#12: Good Food
#13: Melting Pot
#14: Lumiere (flies under the radar)
#15: Bonterra

Honestly, this list is fantastic. You all are smart, savvy Charlotteans. Well done.

[Updated Agenda guide: Most romantic restaurants in Charlotte]

But to make everybody’s life easier, here’s a list of where to go depending on your relationship status…


You just kissed at the Roxbury last weekend and you need a romantic spot with strong (but delicious) cocktails and dim lighting… Go to The Cellar at Duckworth’s

Order House Made Waffle Cones ($15) with tuna, coconut shrimp and sriracha honey chicken.


When you go, ask them to show you the cellar room. via The Cellar/Facebook

You’ve been married for 50 years and you know what you like… Go to Lumiere

Order the Fricassee De Poulet ($28) – aka chicken – oysters rockefeller and lobster mac and cheese specials.

You just talked your boyfriend into moving here from New York and you need to convince him that Charlotte’s cool and not just all banker bros (even though he’s a banker)… Go to Soul Gastrolounge

Order the Pork Belly Tacos ($12) and the Lamb Lollipops ($20).


Agenda Story: What’s up with Soul Gastrolounge’s Cucumber Mule on tap? Photo and cover photo via Tara Lily

You just bought a replica of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring from Diamonds Direct and you’re proposing that evening… Go to Fig Tree

Order the Elk Chop ($44). 

You’ve been dating for 2.5 years and just not sure he’s the one, but you’re sick of thinking about it and just need to put melted cheese on everything… Go to Melting Pot

Order the 4-Course Experience ($44): cheese fondue, house salad, Angus Beer entrée and chocolate fondue.

You’ve been dating for 5 years and want to keep putting off marriage, but you still have that old-school, not-trying-to-hard vibe about your relationship… Go to Alexander Michael’s

Order the “What It Is” dish ($16.75) – Blackened chicken breast over fresh rotini in a cajun cream sauce.

Alexander Michael's

If you’re going for lunch, I suggest the Reuben. Photo via Laura Sumrak.

You’ve been married for 10 years and didn’t realize you scheduled a dudes-only dinner on Valentine’s Day week, but you don’t want to move it because you already had the date cleared with your wife and she forces you to book dinners 30+ days and add it to your shared Google Calendar… Go to Beef ‘N Bottle

Order the 16oz Choice Cut Ribeye ($39).

You’ve been dating for a year and you need to show her that money isn’t an issue and want to impress her with your fine dining skills… Go to McNinch House

Order the Valentine’s Day 2018, 5-course prix fixe menu ($175, includes wine).

You and your husband are foodies, you’ve been married for 25 years and you laugh at clueless Charlotte sheep obsessed with the “new and shiny stuff” because you already know the best spots… Go to Barrington’s.

Order the Seared Organic Chicken ($23). I know, sounds boring – but it’s delicious.

You’ve been reading about Kindred in every regional publication, but between your schedule, your husband’s schedule and the kids, you haven’t been able to make the drive to Davidson… Go to Kindred

Order Crispy Oysters ($12) and the Squid Ink Conchiglie ($14).

You’re still in love after 30 years of marriage and looking for a relaxing night out… Go to Carpe Diem

Order the Grilled Grape Salad ($9.50) and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast ($21).


You’ve gone on 5 dates and you think he’s the one, but don’t want to get too excited about it just yet… Go to Stagioni

Order the 4-course, prix fixe menu ($75) and pick the Lobster Soup, Tagliatelle, NY Strip Steak and Bourbon White Chocolate Cheesecake. Or just get some pizza and cut it with their signature pizza sheers.


Yes, they give you actual scissors to cut your pizza.

You’ve been married for 5 years and instead of just the two of you, you’re going out with a few other couples and need a private cellar room in case things rowdy… Go to Bonterra

Order the Fried Lobster Tail ($39).


Your boyfriend just flew in from San Fransisco and wants to take in the best view of the city… Go to Fahrenheit

Order the Slow Braised American Wagyu Short Ribs ($39).

via Facebook

You’ve been married for a year and love to scarf down small plates and then go out on Montford with your wife and act like you’re still 23 years old…Go to Good Food

Order the Gnochi ($14) and the Steamed Bun ($10).


You just got served divorce papers, but you’re still in charge of choosing a restaurant for Valentine’s Day… Go to Olive Garden

Order the Italian Nachos, 🙂


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