I ordered the 1,520-calorie “Italian Nachos” from Olive Garden

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Last week, Olive Garden added a new “Italian Nacho” dish to their menu. So of course, I had to try them.


There are six Olive Gardens in the Charlotte area and I dined a the location next to the Red Lobster on Pineville-Matthews Road. I ate alone in the bar area and washed down my nachos with an unsweet tea. Yes, I had the breadsticks too.

The dish is called Loaded Pasta Chips ($6.99) and the menu describes it as “Homemade pasta chips, lightly fried and layered with Italian cheeses and a hearty meat sauce. Topped with cherry peppers and an Alfredo drizzle.”


I had the waitress take photos of me. Very uncomfortable, but whatever. 

It’s only 1,500 calories, 🙂


Alfredo drizzle, FTW

Fascinating chip choice — Olive Garden choose a wonton style chip. On several occasions, the chip easily collapsed under the weight of the Alfredo covered chicken and chunky meat sauce. I would have gone with a thick, pita-style chip.


The cherry peppers packed a little heat, which I can appreciate. 

Overall, I’d give Olive Garden’s Italian nachos a C+ grade. They’re not in the same nacho tier as nacho hotbeds like Sabor, Three Amigos, VBGB and Duckworth’s.

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