Unknown Brewing launching Charlotte’s first light beer to compete with Miller Light and Bud Light

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In early March, Unknown Brewing will debut Charlotte’s first light beer — Feather Light.

Feather Light will have a 3.8% ABV and clock in at under 120 calories. That’s less than Bud Light’s ABV of 4.2%.

“We’re excited that this beer can fulfill a niche that has long been slightly taboo in the craft world,” Unknown Brewing Marketing Director Scotty Kent told the Agenda. “Charlotte is a very fit community. They also love a great patio/pool beer and they also obviously love local.”


The idea was born from consumer demand.

“Taproom customers have been coming into the taproom since the beginning and asking what is the lightest thing we got,” Scotty said. “People wanted an amazing craft experience but they didn’t want something heavy or overly hopped.”

I’ve long advocated for a brewery to focus on a light beer. While I love an IPA, sometimes you just need a light beer.

There is a market for this type of beer in Charlotte. The beer will cost $5 in the taproom and $9.99 for a 6-pack.

Feather Light’s taste profile can be described as light and mildly tart with hints of citrus. Unknown Brewing uses pilsner and other specialty malts. The tart taste comes from doing steps in their kettle as well as using lemon peel and light citrus hops.

The beer went into the tank this weekend.

“There is not much out there in the way of craft light and we definitely would not compare to any large macro-brewery,” said Scotty. We believe we can make something that’s both craft and full of flavor – yet light and easy drinking.”


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