Showmars brings back table service as fast-casual push backfires in Dilworth

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Showmars is a Charlotte institution, but a few years ago it was really showing its age.

In late 2016, the restaurant chain went through a major remodel and a minor rebrand, shifting toward a more modern and fast casual-inspired feel. The logo got a facelift, and the interior became more open and bright.



But one part didn’t go over well in Dilworth — the part where customers had to order at the counter at dinnertime.

This is common at several Showmars locations: You put your order in up front, go find a seat in a booth, and the staff brings your food out to you.

Dilworth had gotten used to having a waitress and ordering at the table. But after the rebrand, that went away.

The response was pretty immediate. And in January, the Dilworth location reversed course (the company did not return requests for comment).

The lesson? Fast-casual may be booming — but some neighborhoods just like to be traditional.

Try the gyro pita.

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