#instafamous. 10 of the most used Instagram hashtags in Charlotte and tips to get the perfect shot.

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This story is presented by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.
We’re teaming up with them to explore the #sightsandsoundsofCLT.

More and more, as a culture and city, we are seeing the world around us through the lenses of carefully crafted Instagram photos.

I think of it as a sort of digital scrapbook for the 21st century.

I love to see the different ways people capture the Queen City on Instagram. It’s like seeing Charlotte through someone else’s eyes.

I did a little search and found some of the most used Instagram hashtags for Charlotte. Turns out there are tons of amazing photos out there just waiting to be double tapped.

Here are 10 hashtags to check out, along with tips so you can have the most eye catching pic on your friends’ Instagram feeds.

(1) #clt

The numbers: 1,251,432 posts
What you’ll see: Anything that screams Queen City. Epic skyline shots are crucial.
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: A beautiful photo of Charlotte’s skyline is hot fire for an Instagram feed. Romare Bearden Park is a perfect spot for close ups and the Central Avenue Bridge over Independence is ideal for a far away view. For night shots, tap your finger on a bright spot in the skyline to focus the camera.

(2) #keeppounding

The numbers: 837,881 posts
What you’ll see: Fans, tailgates, player action shots and Bank of America Stadium pics
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Choose the Clarendon filter. It really brings out the brightness of that Carolina Panther blue.

(3) #lakenorman

The numbers: 198,005 posts
What you’ll see: Gorgeous lake scenery, big fish and flashy boat photos
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Grab a cocktail at Hello, Sailor and snag a breathtaking sunset shot from their back deck overlooking the lake.

(4) #buzzcity

The numbers: 142,979 posts
What you’ll see: Hornet pride and courtside action from Time Warner Cable Area
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Upper deck seats are not only cheaper; they also give you the best birds eye view of the honeycomb court. Use Boomerang for a sick slam dunk instant replay.

(5) #clteats

The numbers: 116,931 posts
What you’ll see: Mouthwatering food photos from all of Charlotte’s most popular restaurants
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Take the photo from overhead. Yes, this means standing up or even standing on a chair for a full table shot. Do it for the Insta. For close-ups, use portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus or X.

(6) #plazamidwood

The numbers: 73,698 posts
What you’ll see: Pics of craft beer, dreamy tree-lined streets and artsy murals
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Plaza rooftop bars like The Peculiar Rabbit and Whiskey Warehouse offer another great view point of the Charlotte skyline.

(7) #southendclt

The numbers: 38,378 posts
What you’ll see: It’s all about breweries and the Light Rail Trail
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Take a walk on the Rail Trail and stop for a shoe shot on a magic carpet mural.

(8) #crowdersmountain

The numbers: 27,147 posts
What you’ll see: Hikers, dogs and Mother Nature at it’s finest
Tip for an Instaworthy shot: Utilize the iPhone panoramic feature to take in the whole view and do not stand close to the ledge while taking selfies. For real. It’s dangerous.

(9) #usnwc

The numbers: 16,870 posts
What you’ll see: Rock climbers, kayakers, whitewater rafters and more adrenaline pumping action.
Tip for an instaworthy shot: Grab a beer at the Pump House Biergarten and relax by the rafting channel. It’s the perfect spot for an artsy beer shot or a cool rafting pic.

(10) #nodaclt

The numbers: 15,907 posts
What you’ll see: Beautiful street murals, hipster breweries and seriously appealing food
Tip for an instaworthy shot: Haberdish is Instagram heaven. Order one of their cocktails and you’ll see what I mean. For a colorful mural shot, head to the outside of Solstice Tavern.

Happy ‘gramming.

Make sure to follow #sightsandsoundsofCLT, in partnership with our friends at CEENTA, to view some incredible images!

(Note: This content was co-created with Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.)

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