What happened to Philosopher’s Stone?

What happened to Philosopher’s Stone?
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News Briefing

Philosopher’s Stone has closed. It’s unclear as to the details, but it seems financially driven.


  • Philosopher’s Stone opened it’s doors about 10 years ago and has been an Elizabeth staple with a beautifully diverse clientele.
  • Owned by two brothers, Chris Settle and Josh Settle. They’re originally from Ohio.
  • Before the note on the door, patrons reported very little beer inventory (ex, they asked for a certain beer and it was no longer available).
  • Staff payment was a little late, which hints to financial reasons for closing.
  • Developer Faison Enterprises Inc. owns that entire 1.5 acre corner (including Jackalope Jacks area). Faison is considering demolishing everything and creating a 160 apartment complex with retail on the ground floor.

philosophers-stone-closing letter




“…Chris & Josh were always lovers and supporters of great music. A large part of the P-Stone (as us regulars lovingly referred to it) was the music. But it was much more. At a time when Charlotte so desperately needed a place like that, the Brothers Settle provided it. It was hip to a fault, but it was also family, kid and dog (on the patio) friendly. The kind of place where hippies, hipsters, gangstas, hill-billiys, nurses, doctors, lawyers, bankers, grandmas, grandkids and rednecks could hang out, feel comfortable and just maybe connect with someone who might happen to be a little bit out of their own comfort zone…” – Part of an amazing tribute that Musician Scott McKinney posted on Facebook.

Talking Points

  • If you never had a beer tower at Philosopher’s Stone on a sunny day while listening to some live music, you missed out.
  • There’s a good debate on whether Charlotte neighborhoods are losing their character or whether this is part of evolving our city.
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