Digital Marketing Manager

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We are hiring a full-time Digital Marketing Manager to lead inbound client projects. You’ll focus on B2B lead generation for technology companies and/or nonprofits. This position offers freedom to explore digital strategies, run analytical campaigns and provide guidance to a team.

Our team of 30+ marketers, designers, developers, writers and specialists is growing quickly. Our clients see us as inbound advisers and trusted confidants and strategists — so we’re looking for a smart, passionate inbound marketer to help lead 3-5 client projects.

Our ideal candidate would be self-driven, passionate about learning and friendly. Additionally, the candidate should be a digital marketer and possess skills in inbound marketing and analytics. Strong communication skills are also important, because we need to communicate our ideas to other team members and clients.

Qualifications include:
• Has professional experience as an inbound marketer, in both planning and executing inbound programs.
• Can work full-time in Charlotte, NC.
• Has a propensity or desire to learn web analytics: HubSpot, Google Analytics, etc.
• Practices strong communication skills: both written and verbal.
• Is both analytical and creative.
• Can meet our continuing education certification requirements (4-6 certifications during the first year).
• Possesses a desire for ongoing learning in digital marketing and analytics.
• 3-5 years of experience in digital marketing.

Ongoing education:
All team members at Ironpaper must earn appropriate certifications in the field of marketing before or during their role at the agency. We are a HubSpot-certified agency, so many of the certifications are from HubSpot’s learning academy.

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