Have you dined at a Fish Camp? Maybe it’s time to try an all-you-can-eat special

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First, let me admit: I’d never heard of a fish camp until now.

Fish camps are family-run restaurants where you’ll find lots of good ol’ fried seafood. Long story short, it originated from people catching fish together, frying it up and serving it out of tents.

Twin Tops Fish Camp opened in 1968 in Gastonia and is certainly a place “where friends meet to eat,” as their slogan states. They have several long-time employees and LOTS of dedicated regulars.

The thing to do at fish camps? All-you-can eat specials. So that’s what I did.

At Twin Tops, you have two options: calabash shrimp, deviled crab and fillet flounder, or the shrimp, crab and perch ($14.50 each). I’m a flounder fan, so I picked number one.



But that’s not all. I found out you also get a basket of hush puppies to start (and they’ll offer you more when you demolish them), access to the substantial salad bar, a side of cole slaw and either fries or a baked potato with your meal.

That’s a lotta food, if you’re not keeping up.

Take a look.

Basket of hush puppies and tartar sauce

My take on the salad bar. Choice of iceberg or mixed greens, lots of veggies and several dressings.

Salt and pepper batter flounder, calabash shrimp, deviled crab and fries

Salt and pepper batter flounder and shrimp, deviled crab and a baked potato

Needless to say, when our waitress asked if we wanted another order of anything on our plates, we politely declined.

So is all this worth $14.50?

Yes. Even if you don’t actually order more food, you’re still getting some serious grub for your money. And it’s all so tasty.

Did I mention you can take home anything you don’t eat?

Twin Tops Fish Camp is located at 4574 South New Hope Road, Gastonia. It’s open Tuesday and Wednesday (4-9 p.m.), Thursday (4-9:30 p.m.), Friday (4-10 p.m.) and Saturday (3-10 p.m.). They’re closed Sunday and Monday.

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