Meet the Charlottean who wants to draw your dog

Meet the Charlottean who wants to draw your dog
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Austin Light is a Charlotte author, illustrator and character designer whose newest endeavor is drawing dogs.

Big dogs, little dogs, happy dogs, grumpy dogs — he draws them all. All you have to do to get a drawing of your dog is go to and Austin will, as his website promises, draw your dog.

Austin uses photos and your description of your dog’s personality to craft a unique illustration. He then prints it on 8×8 cardstock and, there you have it, he drew your dog.

I had to talk to the man who has the most straight-forward business name and URL in Charlotte, and possibly, the world. Here’s our conversation:

How much does it cost for you to draw my dog?

An 8×8 print is $65. (He’ll include the digital file for $20 extra.)

Do you draw cats?


Why not? Do you hate cats?

I’m definitely more of a dog person, but I don’t hate cats. I just wanted to keep the scope small and focused. There’s a page on my site called CATS? that includes a sign-up form that says, “Email me when you decide to draw cats.” Cats aren’t an “if,” they’re a “when.”

Do you have a favorite breed of dog to draw?

Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Pugs are all fun because they already look like goofy characters. I mean, when have you ever seen a bulldog and not instantly assigned him a deep dopey voice in your head?

What is your dog’s name? Is he grumpy? He looks grumpy.

My dog’s name is Koopa as in King Koopa from Super Mario. Yes, I am a huge nerd. He is an Olde English Bulldogge and he’s not nearly as grumpy as he looks in pictures.

Why do you not draw humans with dogs?

Dogs are definitely more fun to draw than people. About once a year I open up spots to do regular art commissions so I’ll save the people for those. For this site, it’s all about the dogs. Someone told me I should start next, but that’s got a creepy ring to it.

Will you draw my dog?

Yes Mary, I will draw your dog.

Photos courtesy of Austin Light.

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