704 Shop Black Friday sales figures up 100% from last year — and their South End retail store opens on Saturday

704 Shop Black Friday sales figures up 100% from last year — and their South End retail store opens on Saturday
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704 Shop may seem like an overnight success story, but it’s been a slow and steady grind since friends Scott, Jerri and Chris founded the company in 2013.

“Growth was really slow until the summer of 2015. At that time, we gained some traction through social media and sales started to snowball,” CEO and co-owner Scott Wooten told me.

This holiday season, that snowball has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. What was once an underground brand is now emerging as one of the defining fashion brands of our region.

704 Shop’s Southern Christmas Show sales were up 30% over last.

Black Friday sales were up a whopping 100%.

And Small Business Saturday sales were up 30% from 2016 as well.


704 Shop’s sweatshirts have been the most popular item this holiday season. The Charlotte Varsity Crew Neck sweatshirt is #1 ($60) and the pigment dyed hoodies ($65) have been flying as well.

It’s been one helluva holiday season for 704 Shop.

“There isn’t one specific thing that I can attribute the growth to during the season. It’s really everything,” Scott said. “We’re constantly trying to innovate and bring a solid product line that focuses on high quality and unique designs. Also, partnerships have been huge for us, from football player partnerships like Thomas Davis and Steve Smith to nonprofit partnerships like SHARE Charlotte.”

And yesterday, they announced their biggest partnership to date — the City of Charlotte.


I love this shirt, $32. via Facebook

704 Shop signed a licensing agreement for use of the official Charlotte crown.

It’s the only licensing agreement the city has ever awarded to a private business.

704 Shop has announced that the first product of the 704 Shop and City of Charlotte partnership will release on Saturday.


Scott looking cool in a Chicken & Gasoline Tee ($30). He’s cool, but not as cool as he looks in this photo, :). via Facebook

What’s next? A retail store in South End.

The space will be located in the 1616 Center (1616 Camden Road) next to Clean Juice, Fidelli and Leroy Fox.

It’ll open its doors at 11 a.m. Saturday. The store will have a minimalist feel to it — think clean and crisp.

Scott explained, “The opening will be a soft opening just to get going for the holidays and then we’ll do a bigger ‘grand opening’ in January. It won’t be perfect on Saturday, but we’ll be operational.”

They’ll also be at OMB’s Winter Market this weekend.

Congratulations to Scott, Jerri and Chris — it’s been fun watching you guys become an overnight success story for the past 4 years.

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