Mailbag: Top 33 feedback letters on city council, $800k cash confessional, drinking, teardowns and HOAs

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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 2%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Millennials are about to control the City Council. How will they change Charlotte?

“My first thought was RUN!! Then I decided if they can get more young people involved in how this city is being run and can affect how decisions are made then BRAVO! Charlotte has too much going for her to not have better roads, better mass transit and more environmentally progressive building standards.” – F

“Loved the perspective on the City Council Millennials. However, think you left out how to keep their attention span during functions before 10 am, or make sure they don’t miss anything as they look down at their phones texting friends things like ‘OMG, in my City Council meeting!’ Will they get discouraged with hard tasks when not positively reinforced for their work effort? How will they make a decision when confronted without the option to swipe right or left? How will they take criticism that offends them? What happens when they find out the City doesn’t use Venmo? Will there be frustration when agenda items are not immediately gratified? But hey, maybe we will get a city wide NO FOMO day!” – R

In response to: Here’s how I made my 324-square-foot, $655/month studio in Uptown feel like an upscale dorm that I love

“Darling! It can be a fun challenge to organize and live in a small space-makes you really evaluate all the stuff you accumulate.” – R

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a combined $850,000 salary

“Their calorie intake cannot be at a safe level. Also $40 tip on a massage (free or not)…I’m just gonna leave that one alone.” – G

“Someone needs to call the SEC on this kid! 29? 800k? Come on.” – L

“What kind of an attorney makes 50k? she probably went to Charlotte School of Law. And if he makes 800k why is he complaining about this girl’s excessive coffee/smoothie consumption habits?” – D

“Spending habits= same. Income= 1 %. LOL” – P

“Good for them making that kind of money. I’ll say that they live modestly considering the income is so high.” – J

“I’ve decided the sole reason I don’t already make $800k a year is because I don’t wax my eyebrows. Who’s got an eyebrow guy?” – R

“She went to Target to get deodorant and a new dog dollar, but somehow got distracted and ended up buying random Christmas decor, clothes and shoes ($98).’ SAME… and not even making 1/16 of their money.” – A

“All that money and they live in north Charlotte…” – T

“Must be nice when you make over 3/4 of a mil per year and mom and dad still pay for your car and phone.” – E

“Let’s get to the real issue here. Who the hell stops on an odd dollar amount while pumping gas??” – B

“Finally, an income we can all relate to 👏🏼” – C

“Who TF is still on a phone plan their parents pay for at the age of 29? If you are living in a household that makes $850k a year, you should not be on your parent’s plan. Plain and simple. My husband and I do not make even close to that amount, yet, we have been on our own plan since age 21. Time to cut the cord guys. Sincerely, a sniveling, pays-their-own-way Millennial ;)” – J

“I just can’t take the series seriously anymore; especially after reading about someone who’s a few house flips away from becoming a millionaire talk about spending too much on Starbucks coffee and brunch when they can toss $20k a month in savings alone. Jesus Christ.” – M

In response to: Charlotteans aren’t drinking as much as you might think

“99% of people lie about their alcohol consumption.” – J

“It technically counts as one drink if you just chug directly from the wine bottle right?” – W


“I have 4 drinks for breakfast.” – S

In response to: Charlotte’s 15 best new restaurants and bars of 2017

“How can you feel good about including The People’s Market? It just opened yesterday. It may be the best thing to hit CLT, then again it may be a fart in a wet sock. Hype much?” – J

“Someone needs to cut to the chase and just name their restaurant “This and That.” This trend of naming a restaurant with two words separated by “and” is getting old. It seemed cool and hip about 5 years ago but now your restaurant gets lost in the crowd and is hard to distinguish from the 70 other restaurants with basically the same name.” – R

“I’m shocked SouthBound made this list. Face palm.” – I

In response to: The vision for South End: 15-story towers and a pleasant stroll down South Boulevard

“Love this!! It makes the entire area so much more urban. Less cars, more bikes/walking/public transit. – J

“Only way South Blvd will be able to change is if they split the traffic and move inbound to CLT traffic to Cleveland @McDonald Ave and then have it come back together at Bland St.” – B

“Traffic from Scaleybark to John Belk on South Blvd will be a nightmare with all this.” – J

In response to: Forget the house. Here’s a quick look at teardowns for sale in Myers Park, Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood

“Who the hell has 800k to tear down a house?” – B

“I get that sometimes it’s too expensive or difficult to fix it up, but building a gigantic, hideous monstrosity in its place needs to stop.” – B

“The ‘tear down’ mentality in Charlotte is so sad. Loss of character and charm.” – M

“Love that a mid century house is listed as a tear down, so buyers can build their fake fancy too-large-for-the-lot stainless steel appliance special.” – J

In response to: 19 hottest cocktails in Charlotte right now

“Why are we accepting the fact that most places charge $12+ for a damn cocktail. This makes me want to be an anti-social hermit just so I don’t feel guilty about enjoying a well-put together drink.” – S

In response to: HOA dues can run hundreds of dollars per month at Charlotte’s upscale townhomes and condos

“What’s never said about HOA dues… Is the comparison between that and owning your own home. Most homes don’t have dues. However the actual cost of owning them can be $200-$600 a month over any 10 or 15 year.” – D

“Okay, first off, the HOA dues in condo “flats” like in the Arlington, Fifth and Poplar, Court 6, etc are based off of the percentage of the building that unit occupies. For you to say that the dues in the Arlington can run more than $700 a month is completely misleading. Larger units pay more, smaller units pay less. Buyers and owners can see what percentage they own in the Condo Declaration, on file at the register of deeds. Also, larger units also have additional amenities like double voting rights in some cases (like at 601 Queens Condominiums) and additional parking / storage spaces. Second, you undersold what the condo association fee includes, which is the reason for the amount. Higher amenity buildings like Avenue Condominiums, Fifth and Poplar and Rosewood have pools, lounges and concierge services which can be really convenient. Even the most basic building / complex will have fees to cover insurance, property taxes, trash removal, maintenance of common areas and management fees. That is offset by a reduction in property taxes and insurance (and water if that’s included). Finally, good for mentioning special assessments however if the Buyer uses the North Carolina Offer to Purchase and Contract, they would be protected from having to pay any “Confirmed Special Assessments.” Some buildings, like in the 900 block of Cherokee Road that you referenced, have assessments of over $100,000 per unit in connection with re-cladding the exterior. That’s an extreme case and most are nowhere near that much. Buyers need to be on the lookout for “Proposed Special Assessments” that haven’t been passed. Their agent should ask for a copy of recent HOA meeting minutes from the Seller – although better associations post them online.” – J

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