What’s up with Soul Gastrolounge’s Cucumber Mule on tap?

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If you’ve had the pleasure of dining at Soul Gastrolounge, you may know a little bit about their Cucumber Mule: It’s green, it’s refreshing and it comes out of a tap.

And while this cocktail will soon switch to a winter-appropriate Cranberry Honey Mule, I still took a seat at the bar to learn a little more.


Soul’s Cucumber Mule (Absolut vodka, cucumber juice, fresh ginger, key lime juice, sugar) has been around since 2014 when previous bar manager Andy Maurer came up with the idea.

It’s prepped fresh daily before doors open at 5 p.m. and is so popular that it’s the only drink at Soul Gastrolounge that stays on the menu almost every season (hence the winter mule coming soon).

Worried they’ll run out? Don’t. Although they sell 100 to 150 mules each night, they’re always prepared for the crowds.

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I doubt this cocktail will permanently leave anytime soon, but head in over the next few weeks to try it before it’s out of season.

Pro tip: Enjoy it with an order of lamb lollipops. You’re welcome.

Feature photo via Soul Gastrolounge.

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