Residential splash pads are a new trend in Charlotte backyards

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Want relief from Carolina heat without the financial investment and ongoing maintenance of a pool? One local business is betting lots of people do.

Carolina Splash Pads specializes in designing and installing custom residential splash pads usually only found in public parks. You’ve likely seen something similar here at First Ward Park, Latta Park and along Little Sugar Creek Greenway, among other locations.

It’s basically a sprinkler on steroids with plumbing, permanent landscaping and programmed fountains. And now you can have one in your backyard.

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The Green sprayground

Sprayground at The Green in Uptown Charlotte

Owner Calvin Schramm decided to bring the trend home to Charlotte after experiencing a residential splash pad at a vacation home last summer.

“After our young kids safely stayed cool and played for hours in the heat, we knew this was something Charlotte was missing,” he said.

Schramm has a degree in mechanical engineering and past experience working for landscapers and pool builders so he knows the industry and thinks the offering is right for the market.

“We have been watching the trend grow mostly on the west coast but the response here in Charlotte has been awesome,” he said. “The reaction we typically get when people find out what we do is ‘Why is this the first time I am hearing about this?!'”

Courtesy of Carolina Splash Pads

Basic residential splash pads start anywhere from $8,000 – $10,000 and take about two weeks to install.

Pricing varies according to the size, number of jets, water features and surfacing. A more elaborate design with imported stone and LED lights could cost upwards of $35,000.

Schramm says most splash pads are 100-200 square feet but can be custom built to best fit your yard and budget. And because they function as a patio when turned off, they can be designed to blend with existing structures.

The system uses a fraction of the water of a pool and includes water purification equipment so all you have to do is treat the water to maintain chlorine levels.

Courtesy of Carolina Splash Pads

Want your own splash pad?

Me too. I know the idea is that these are a big hit with kids but my dog would really love one.

Request a quote here.

Header photo courtesy of Carolina Splash Pads

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