Which team will the $5,000 prize? Queen City Quiz Show finals take place Saturday and it’s free to attend

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What was the original name of Johnson C. Smith University?

By how much did the population of Charlotte increase when Camp Greene opened 100 years ago?

How long is the average Charlottean’s commute to work?

What popular Charlotte park used to be underwater?*


via Facebook, along with story cover photo as well

Charlotteans across the city have learned the answers to these questions and more as part of the Queen City Quiz Show this summer.

The Quiz Show is a Knight Foundation-funded series of live game shows that has brought together diverse neighborhood organizations across Charlotte to compete in a fast-moving trivia game featuring entertaining and sometimes challenging information about Charlotte’s past and present.

Game questions and topics range from the origins of public art, to oddly named roads, to Charlotte’s celebrities, along with eye-opening statistics that raise provocative questions which are addressed as part of a moderated discussion between rounds.

The Quiz Show tournament has featured four events over the past four months in which neighborhood organizations and non-profits have competed for cash prizes for charity and a spot in the final event.

Four teams remain and Elizabeth, Eastland Area Strategic Team, McColl Center, and South End, will each vie for the $5,000 cash prize for charity this Saturday at the impossibly hip Camp North End.

While trivia events around town are not hard to find, no other trivia contest can boast the production quality and energy of the popular CreativeMornings/Charlotte breakfast speaker series.

Tim Miner and Matt Olin, the co-organizers of CreativeMornings/Charlotte, won the Knight Foundation Knight Cities Challenge grant back in 2016 and spent a year developing the show. The mission of the show from its beginning has been to enhance the Charlotte community’s knowledge of the city while drawing attention to the sometimes difficult challenges we face.

Oh and with Matt and Tim involved, you can rest assured that the events have blended the enthusiasm, energy, and downright zaniness that anyone who has attended a Creative Mornings event has come to expect.


Matt Olin via Facebook

The competition comes to its exciting conclusion with the semifinals and finals this Saturday, October 7th from 4 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Camp North End.

Admission is free and the semifinals begin at 4 p.m. with the finale getting underway at 6 p.m., with discussions between each game moderated by Levine Museum of the New South Staff Historian Brenda Tindal.

The Essentials

  • Who: Teams from four Charlotte Neighborhoods, the geniuses behind Creative Mornings, and you
  • What: A Charlotte-themed trivia competition with fabulous cash prizes and ultimate bragging rights on the line
  • When: Saturday, October 7th from 4:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Where: Camp North End, 1824 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206
  • Why: To celebrate and learn more about the good and the bad in the city we call home

*Answers from questions at the start of this story, in order: The Biddle Institute, roughly 50%, about 25 minutes, Latta Park

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