Front End Developer

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Front End Developers are primarily responsible for developing front end code and working closely with UI/UX specialists and designers to implement technical solutions for approved designs. Attention to detail, great communication and innovative thinking are critical aspects of this role. You must have a can-do attitude and be ready to embrace challenges.

• Write clean, well documented and maintainable code.
• Work with internal teams to develop front-end HTML5, SCSS and JavaScript.
• Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle.
• Troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software to ensure optimization and functionality.
• Follow industry best practices.
• Solid understanding of OOP principles.
• Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop bold, new ideas.

• Excellent skills with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Vue.
• Ability to start with a Sketch design file and develop HTML5 and SCSS on strict deadlines.
• Solid understanding of browser specific compatibilities.
• Experience utilizing task runners, like Gulp and Webpack.
• Experience using Git for version control.
• Provide front-end troubleshooting support.
• Assist in managing versioning of web assets like graphics, HTML5, JS and SCSS in a repository.
• Use npm and/or yarn for managing vendor dependencies.
• Experience with preprocessors and compilers, such as SCSS and Babel.
• Familiarity with debugging tools for front end issues, such as Chrome DevTools.
• Experience with JavaScript 3d libraries.
• Experience with WebGL.
• Experience building web applications for iOS and Android in Cordova.
• Stars on any of your personal Github repos.

Experience and education:
• 3 years of experience with front end development.
• 1+ years of experience with Angular.
• Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience.

To apply:
Send resume, plus links to relevant projects and anything else you think will tip the scales in your favor to

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