Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on two-story home libraries, kids at orchards, dog breeding and Amazon

Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on two-story home libraries, kids at orchards, dog breeding and Amazon
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 4%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: European home with “Beauty and the Beast”-style library asks $2.45 million on Queens Road West

“Dayum, they dont make hardwood floors like that anymore.” – J

“Nahhh. Don’t need it because I just Netflix. Maybe a home theater or an iPhone X. Books r 4 nerds.” – J

“Where do I sign?”- S

“Babe we need to make more money and quick.” – A

In response to: Charlotte will have a new mayor this fall after stunning primary vote

“Mighty fine recap of the primary elections. Crisp with just the ideal sprinkling of background information. As a newcomer to Charlotte, I learned a lot.” – N

“Everyone living in Meck County should be responsible for watching at least one County Comm. meeting on the local govt channel – it will make you realize how critical it is to know who represents you. The same goes for the city officials as well. I did not say you need to attend the meetings in person because then you cannot have a drink every time you want to shout at the people only a very small percentage voted for!!” – P

“I am a little stunned myself how the Charlotte media has reacted to the Roberts loss. Really? Nobody saw this coming? While her stance on HB2 was commendable, her standing was quickly undone in the aftermath of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting. She was, at best, unremarkable in her tenure as mayor. During the run up to the primary I was constantly flummoxed as to why she was being declared the front runner… I think all the Charlotte media outlets need to reconsider how they take the temperature of this town.” V

In response to: 5 of the most cliché (but necessary) Charlotte-area fall dates you should go on this year

“Let’s do all of them except the hot air balloon because heights are scary.” – L

“I wanna do the hot air ballon and the Windy Hill!” – T

In response to: Windy Hill Orchard ended its pick-your-own apple season early after unruly crowds caused overwhelming damage

“But is anyone actually surprised? Have you been to Olde Meck on a weekend?” – L

“Ughhhhhh these people wanna get drunk and not watch their kids” – M

“Another institution killed by Millenials. Way to go #WorstGeneration” – J

“I despise the behavior which caused this but considering the Orchard forces anyone over the age of TWO to purchase a PYO bag I say it’s long overdue karma finally hitting them. They had limited stock this year due to a freeze and by forcing so many people to purchase bags they normally wouldn’t buy it created a desperation to get their money’s worth. I’ve been to many apple orchards in several states throughout it my life and this is the only place where each person was required to purchase a bag. This was greed finally catching up to them IMHO.” – C

“Those people know who they are and they should be ashamed. Adults did this. They climbed trees, broke branches, didn’t monitor their children and left DIRTY DIAPERS lying around! Shame on them. People need to stop acting like animals and learn some manners!” – C

“Charlotte parents need to be stopped.” – V

“I would suggest implementing ‘by reservation only’. You can control the crowd by limiting them in size, rather than opening it up to the public as a free-for-all.” – D

In response to: Big changes underway at Sedgefield Elementary as Dilworth prepares to move in

“Dilworth parents are doing exactly what CMS asked of them. During the community roadshows, CMS asked many times for the “parent leadership” of this A-rated school to roll up their sleeves and help CMS create two dynamic and successful schools.” – K

“Sedgefield Parents are looking forward to this change. Regardless of name change (which will be determined soon), we are all looking forward to a community based school that will provide excellent education opportunities for all of our children. It is not “unclear”, we are CLEAR – we are ready for change and are excited to work with the Dilworth community to make this as smooth as transition as possible.” – S

“It is unclear to me what you are advocating for in the Dilworth- Sedgefied pairing. It seems you suggest more of the Sedgefield culture/administration/policies should be maintained? One of the major goals is to CHANGE the root issues that have caused Sedgefield to fail. Yet you disparage the good hard work being done in a fragile environment. You stoke the flames of dissatisfaction by suggesting Sedgefield folks are being discriminated against by over- involved Dilworth parents. I fear your words will do more harm than good. The point of the pairing is to bring diversity to both campuses, but ALSO to help ALL these children attain academic success.” – C

“I am very disappointed. First and foremost, I am surprised that you would label this as a “novel experiment”. Surely you know that for years (from mid 80’s until 97-98 school year) Billingsville and McKee Road Elementary were paired. I’m sure there were other such pairings but don’t remember now the details. McKee was K-3 and Billingsville was 4-6 (this was prior to the change from 7-9 junior highs to 6-8 middle schools). My son attended Billingsville for grades 4-6, riding the bus from far south Charlotte (off of Providence Road near 485) along with other neighborhood kids. It was a long ride! 2/3 of the kids at Billingsville were from south Charlotte neighborhoods, the remainder from Grier Heights. Suburban parents put in many, many volunteer hours despite the distance of the school from our homes. The African American principal, Lawton Grier, had nothing but praise for his suburban parents and made it quite clear that he attributed much of the success of that school to suburbanites (test scores were highest in CMS except for magnet schools, although there was definitely a “gap” in those scores). Yet we still heard grumblings that the school was “too white”. I would like to know what you were trying to achieve with your article. Should middle class families be expected to send their kids to a school with a culture that does not encourage behavior that leads to academic success? Don’t the Sedgefield parents want their school culture to change so that their kids can be successful?” – S

In response to: I bought my dog from a breeder, and that’s OK

“Change the article name to “I’m entitled, and that’s ok”. You didn’t want a dog, you wanted the official South End fashion accessory.” – R

“This is kind of like saying “I want a kid, but I only want it if it has blue eyes and blonde hair” I get the girl dog thing, I’m freaked out by dog penises as well, and I get that you might have certain criteria about what kind of dog because you may live in a small apartment and having a smaller dog makes sense. But c’mon, French bulldogs are a fad dog.” – L

“This article is ridiculous. Because of people like you dogs are being euthanized in shelters. You are like the many that pass up on dogs in the breed specific rescue I volunteer for—looking for the perfect dog that doesn’t exist. Get a stuffed animal instead.” – A

“Mary! Thanks for writing this article ! I have two dogs one I call a ‘breeder brat ‘ and the other rescue and love them BOTH. Like any dogs they have their own personalities. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want, can afford, and what your needs are – more people should research like you did – and we would have less dogs on rescues. There are both bad breeders and bad rescues. I’m shocked at some of the judgements being passed on this thread! At the end of the day if your providing for the dogs needs, medical attention and LOVE IT shouldn’t matter where the dog comes from!” – A

“Dog penises freak you out? Get a fish.” – L

“Screw all of you ignorant folks who actually think rescuing a dog is the ONLY WAY to help and assist the fact that there are so many unwanted dogs. Rescuing is just as risky and gets dogs right back into the shelter system because they have problems the new owner didn’t anticipate nor were prepared for. I’m also sick of these holier than thou animal activists shaming folks for loving a certain breed. There is NO shame in breed passion, and no reason why you can’t want a particular breed that fits best with you. If any of you assholes want to help the millions of homeless dogs in the country, it’s not only about rescuing. In fact, its only SLIGHTLY about rescue because we need to be PREVENTING the problem not slapping a bandaid on it. Get it through your head. Dogs end up in shelters because their owners don’t want to deal with their behavioural problems (usually that the owner caused in the first place.) They are irresponsible and don’t invest time and effort. If a dog is properly TRAINED, something most people refuse to spend money on, and especially for a GOOD trainer, the dog won’t be a problem and therefore won’t end up in a shelter. Oh and PetSmart obedience training does not count. Peace out, sheep. Think for yourselves for once.” – A

“I’ll just put out that halfway there rescue just pulled eight dogs from a kill shelter last night if anyone is looking. All my dogs are rescues, and they are great. Or adopt one of the kittens we are currently fostering, the last two are great with our 90 lb ferocious pit bull mix.” – N

“Um, still trying to wrap my head around “1. The dog must be a girl because dog penises freak me out.” It is a perfect TMI and NEED more information statement. So, is it like all the time or when his lipstick is out of the case?” – A

“Not all breeders are bad, but the issue of unwanted pets is mainly people buying through them and having buyer’s remorse. The rescue/breeder debate needs to continue to happen because it IS the root of the problem of unwanted pets.” – W

“Thankfully, we have solved all of the problems in the world, so we can focus on the real issue of ‘puppy shaming” – J

“Nothing sounds more self-righteous than the use of “rescue” by pet owners. You adopt a child. Adopt a pet. Or else become a firefighter.” – L

“Thank you for writing this. Out of our 3 animal house hold 2 of them our rescues but every time I talk about our 3rd dog I feel guilty that he is not also rescued. I am also tired of apologizing or feeling like I should for doing nothing wrong. We still support our rescue community, probably more than before. Thank you for pointing this out and for giving people the resources to donate and educate themselves.” – R

In response to: Check out the cocktails at SouthBound, opening today next to Mac’s on South Boulevard

“Glad to know at least SOMEBODY involved is from SoCal – Jimmie Johnson. Would have hated to find out otherwise as I would think there’s enough of us SoCal natives to call a bluff. Would be like a guy from Peru opening a Japanese steakhouse…” – C

“That paper bag is gonna turn that tecate to a $5-$6 beer” – I

“Fresh. Squeezed. Juices.” – J

In response to: Op-Ed: If we’re serious about landing a MLS team, here’s where the stadium should actually go

“I don’t disagree. However there are other locations that everything you’ve stated works at as well. Look at locations along light rail transportation corridors instead of cause additional parking problems in that area of uptown. East sugar Creek and Tyron, for example plenty of industrial land in a transforming area with planned infrastructure improvements. The city wants that area to improve, why should our private and public investments be aligned?” – M

“Only like 23 people care if MLS comes to Charlotte. And only about 6 of them think it is a good idea to use public money. Stop trying to make MLS happen, its not going to happen. Keep your soccer hands out of my taxpayer dollars.” – C

In response to: Could Charlotte take a run at the new Amazon HQ?

“I’m not getting my hopes up – Charlotte’s infrastructure can’t even handle the Greek Festival.” – L

“Face it, we’re not going to get Amazon. We can’t compete with a lot of the other cities. But we should be looking at their list of requirements and make those our goals for Charlotte so that the next time around, we’re ready. For example…. You can’t wait to build light rail until you have a reason staring you in the face, it should happen now and be used as an asset for the future.” – F

“I spent time in Seattle this summer…lots of walkers, public transports, taxis everywhere, World Cup soccer matches, respect for humans and very diverse, traffic more congested, more expensive. We have positives for sure, but HB2 fallout, racial tensions, and if on visit they make a drive to Lake Norman up 77 toll roads debacle? Might take more than tax incentives to overcome self inflicted issues.” – D

“I work in the Econ Dev space, and am disappointed by this article. It is mostly positive, then ends horribly. Site selectors are quirky people who care about odd and/or small things, and I’d hate for the team running with this project to find this article (assuming Charlotte submits a bid and progresses along in the process). I just don’t understand why you had to interject the negativity at the end. Just leave it at we’re a great city with a chance.” – P

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