15 best sandwiches in Charlotte

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This article was originally published on October 30, 2017.

Do you consider yourself a sandwich person? Well, put down the Subway and go eat these 15 Charlotte-famous sandwiches.

Note: I’m a lover of Which Wich, Potbelly, Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s and Publix — but I didn’t include them in this list because of their headquarters are outside of Charlotte.

I also didn’t include BBQ sandwiches, burgers or gyro – as it confuses the list. You get it.

BLT — Local Loaf

It’s greasy and unhealthy, but the mixture of their bacon (maybe the best bacon I’ve had in Charlotte) and the fried green tomatoes provides a unique taste.

Sandwich ingredients: Signature white pimento cheese, house smoked maple bacon, local fried green tomatoes, popcorn shoots, on sourdough. $9


If you’re doing breakfast at Local Loaf, order the Chicken & the Egg ($9) — hand breaded chicken tenders, aged white cheddar, poached egg, microgreens, chipotle Cheerwine sauce, on a Southern buttermilk biscuit.

Rotisserie Turkey Breast — Reid’s Fine Foods

Beautiful, simple sandwich.

Sandwich ingredients: House roasted turkey breast, arugula, tomato, muenster, Green Goddess on sourdough. $8.99


Earl’s Grocery is another option for a simple and delicious turkey sandwich. If you’re not a turkey person, checkout Reid’s QC Chicken Salad Sandwich ($9.99) — Reid’s Spiedie Chicken Salad on whole wheat with lettuce and tomatoes.

Chicken Torta — Rhino Market

Sandwich Ingredients: Pulled chicken, avocado, provolone, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise on ciabatta. $7.99

Bull Rider – Tasty Bowl

Rice bowls and subs.

Sandwich ingredients: Steak, jalapeños, onions, mushrooms, pepper jack with a chipotle BBQ.


Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich — The Mayobird

When you feature 16 different chicken salads like Mayobird does, it generally means you have a chicken salad obsession — and you can taste it with their #1 chicken salad, Harvest.

Sandwich ingredients: Chicken salad with apples, grapes, and pecans. Sandwich comes with tomatoes, onion and lettuce. $7.25 for the sandwich or $8.95 for the combo (get the broccoli salad with bacon as your side).


My other favorite chicken salads at Mayobird: Southern (pickles and eggs), Real Dill (dill) and Curry (curry).

Italian Stallion – NoDa Bodega

Simple, pressed sandwich from the top sandwich shop in NoDa.

Sandwich ingredients: Prosciutto, finocchiona, coppa, fresh mozzarella, basil and peppadew relish on a baguette. $8


Delicious and simple pressed sandwiches. I probably should have asked for lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on my Italian Stallion.

Reuben — Growlers Pourhouse

If you’re a Reuben person, the marble rye mixed with the dressing and slaw will make your mouth dance.

Sandwich ingredients: Corned beef (or turkey), sriracha Russian dressing, swiss, purple slaw & juniper berry sauerkraut on marble rye. $9


Huge fan of the vibe inside Growlers Pourhouse. Also check out their cocktails, wings and oysters.

Lemongrass Grilled Pork Banh Mi (#6 on their menu) — Le’s Sandwiches

Huge fan of this mom and pop shop serving traditional, Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches for 13+ years in the Asian Corner Mall. The #6 is their most popular sandwich.

Sandwich ingredients: Grilled pork, sliced jalapeños, cilantro, pickled carrots, cucumber and daikon (type of radish) served on Bahn Mi bread (like a baguette). $4.25

Chicken Torta – Sav Way

With over 20 different types of tortas, Sav Way is an authentic sandwich-lovers paradise. Foodies love it there. Local food journalist and friend of the Agenda Kathleen Purvis argues that Sav Way’s $9 Chorizo Torta may be the #1 sandwich in Charlotte.

Sandwich ingredients: This football-sized torta on fresh bread is stuffed with chicken, avocado, cheese, jalapeños, onions, lettuce and mayonnaise. $7.50


Sav Way is a little down Central Avenue from the heart of Plaza Midwood. They’re a Latin American grocery story, so expect a slight language barrier if you don’t speak Spanish.  

Turkey Sandwich — Laurel Market

You can’t go wrong with any Laurel Market sandwich (they do a huge business), but their simple turkey sandwich (#4 on their menu) is the correct order. Watch out, the chipotle spread has a little kick to it. Not too much, but it’s there.

Sandwich ingredients: Turkey, bacon, pepperjack, tomato, lettuce, chipotle spread on your choice on the bread (I’d go wheat). $6.95


Another top seller at Laurel Market is their chicken salad, people swear by it. [Agenda related story: People freak out about Laurel Market’s tasty breakfast sandwiches, here’s why]

Pressed TCB (Turkey Cordon Bleu) — Max’s Sandwich Shop

Owner Max Nicholson, sandwich freak and friend of the Agenda, told me that sandwiches run in his blood: “It’s a family business. My parents were in the sandwich business. All of my brothers had stores too.”

Sandwich ingredients: Swiss, turkey, ham, bacon, with mayonnaise on a fresh sub roll. $5.25 small, $8.50 large

Jambon et Fromage — Amelie’s

Good luck pronouncing it, :). It’ll make you feel like you’re on the streets of Paris.

Sandwich ingredients: Ham, your choice of cheese on a baguette.


[Agenda related story: Amelie’s will open its Park Road location now open – and they’re killing it there]

Cheesesteak – Clover Joe’s

There are no tables inside Clover Joe’s – it’s a grab and go spot. Up on the wall are Clover Joe’s famous favorites. Fries cost an extra $2 and drinks cost $1.

Sandwich ingredients: Steak, cheese, peppers and onions served on 8″ toasted Italian bread.


Agenda Story: $7.25, 8-inch, torpedo-like Uptown cheesesteak delights bankers, construction workers and me

Rueben – Alexander Michael’s

Neighborhood restaurants don’t get any better than Al Mike’s. Grab a booth and cozy up with friends or lover(s).

Sandwich ingredients:4th ward style” with corned beef, kraut, dijon mustard, 1000 island & swiss cheese on grilled rye bread.


Turkey Sandwich – RiRa’s Sandwich Bar

Paradise for blue shirt bankers, this Uptown hotspot serves up carved turkey on freshly baked rolls.

Sandwich ingredients: Fresh turkey, your choice of toppings.


Happy sandwich eating!

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