8 Skillpop classes that should definitely exist

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I went on a Skillpop bender a couple weeks ago, taking two classes over the course of three days. And boy was I ever amped up about it.

There’s just something about learning a new skill and seeing it materialize into practical, tangible applications outside the classroom. And it doesn’t hurt that the classes are cheap (most are $20 – $30) and short (usually 2 hours), too.

The Charlotte-based business (with expansion sites in Raleigh and Greenville, SC) already has a stellar curriculum stacked with consistently sold out classes I want to take. But because I’m a little bit obsessed with the concept, I dreamed up a few more classes I’d kill to take in Skillpop’s signature hands-on, approachable, engaging format.

If you’re an expert on these (or any other cool subjects), submit a Skillpop teaching inquiry here.

Introduction to American Sign Language – A friend of mine had ASL offered as a “foreign language” in her high school curriculum and thus was immersed in it for four years. She’s fluent and I’ve always been jealous of that. I tried the self-taught route using library books and did a mediocre job at best but can at least still sign “Hello, my name is Katie.” I’d love to learn more.

Meal Prepping 101 – You know those “fitspiration” types on Instagram with all their gym selfies and motivational quotes and elaborate, perfectly portioned weekly meal preps? How about a class on how to plan, prep and package your own meals? Include tips on batch cooking, freezing, best storage containers and how to avoid recipe fatigue.

Sewing Basics – I’m convinced I have a designer inside just waiting to break free. But how do you pick out a beginner sewing machine? What essential tools do you need in your first sewing kit? How do you translate a sewing pattern? What are the best beginner-friendly sewing projects?

Next-Level Gift Wrapping – My mom is an expert gift wrapper. She can fold perfect corners and make her own elaborate bows but I inherited none of the skill so I just throw things in a bag with tissue. I love a primer on this just before the holidays.

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At-Home Kombucha Brewing – The drink is increasing in popularity around town but seems to remain a mystery for most people. A guided tutorial behind the science behind the beverage would be enlightening. Plus, few things are more intimidating than the sight of a kombucha SCOBY, the creepy gelatinous alien life form used to ferment the tea, so expert backup is a plus.

brewing kombucha lenny boy

Introduction to Feng Shui – This incredibly complex Chinese design philosophy is supposed to create order and harmony in a space — a vibe I have yet to master anywhere in my life. A high-level introduction to the basic do’s and don’ts, solutions to common problems and even a hands-on room layout exercise would be so cool.

DIY Tiling for First Timers – HGTV has given me false confidence in my ability to tackle DIY home projects. Prior to diving in, a hands-on tutorial with a practice wall would probably save me some headaches (and cash).

Perfect Pet Portraits – Frankly, I think my dog is better looking than any of you and photographs marvelously with zero skill on my end. But imagine the portraits I could create with tips and tricks from a pet photography pro on how to capture the perfect head tilt, non-blurry action shot or angelic nap scene.

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