Dinner Analysis: Spieth chooses The Cowfish, Mickelson goes Rooster’s and Jim Nantz dines with Tony Romo at Toscana

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So far, Justin Bieber is the clear #1 in PGA Championship media coverage, but he’s not the only big dawg chilling in our city for this week’s tourney at Quail Hollow.

Additionally, the Biebs has been spotted at Topgolf and running the greenway close to Uptown.


Bieber hanging with Bubba at Tuesday’s practice round. We’re hearing rumors that he’s either rented a town home or is staying at a house in Steele Creek. The Agenda Instagram of Biebs has over 4,200 likes and over 500 comments. Courtesy of amateur Bieber photographer Garret Tichy. 

Jordan Spieth eats dinner at The Cowfish

Spieth had this to say about Cowfish: “That place was interesting. It was really good. But I had no idea how to feel going in with the menu.”  That’s an articulate, honest and pretty spot-on assessment.

I reached out to Cowfish for Jordan’s exact order, but my source could only share that “Jordan loved seeing The Longhorn Burger on the menu since he’s a Texas alum.”


  • Decision: Golfers love Cowish, so this isn’t a surprise to me.  I bet the “Big 4” SouthPark steakhouses were also in the consideration set – Ruth’s Chris, Del Frisco’s, Oak and The Palm. If Justin was going for tasty but casual, Paco’s Tacos should have also been in the consideration set.
  • Order: Jordan feels like a Fusion Bento Box with a Mark’s Roll as the sushi kind of guy. I can tell from his quote that Burgushi weirds him out, but he likely wanted to venture out and not just order a burger.
  • Seating: Unconfirmed, but hard to imagine he sat anywhere other than the table in the back left across from the sushi bar. It’s the only spot with a little privacy. I could see him wanting to sit at the bar and enjoy the fish tank, but too much fan traffic there.


Fusion Beno Box at Cowfish. It’s delicious.

Phil chooses Rooster’s Uptown for dinner on Wednesday night

I love the Phil was chilling in Uptown.


  • Decision: Given Phil’s love affair and familiarity with Charlotte, he dines like a local. Excellent decision Phil. That said, I have to imagine that Beef N Bottle must have been in the discussion, but maybe that’s a Saturday night spot for Lefty.
  • Order: Sources tell the Agenda that Phil ordered the Short Rib. Love it. Personally, I thought he’d be more of a BBQ Chicken guy, but you can’t fault the decision to go with Rooster’s Short Rib.

BBQ Chicken at Rooster’s, a classic Charlotte dish. Side note: Although, unconfirmed we’re hearing that Davis Love III was dining at Del Frisco’s last night. Makes sense. 

Jim Nantz eats dinner with Tony Romo at Toscana

Recently, Tony Romo signed a broadcasting deal with CBS to be in the booth with Jim Nantz — so it’s no surprise these guys were twirling pasta together and trying to develop some chemistry at an intimate Italian spot in SouthPark.

Tony and Jim arrived a little after 7:30 p.m. and they were quite a hit. Both were very pleasant and shook hands with folks in the restaurant and bar area before owner Augusto Conte ushered them into the private dining room.


  • Decision: Toscana surprises me. Serious insider knowledge to choose that spot. I could see Tony and Jim doing the private room down the escalator at Del Frisco’s or the private space at Rooster’s. If they’re looking for a boozy man date, chumming it up over a bourbon at Treehouse Whiskey would likely be their spot.
  • Order: I bet Tony went with the Ravioli ($20.95) while Jim did the Vitello Piccata ($24.95). And a large order of Bruschetta ($11.95) to start, duh.

Interesting Blazer choice by Jim and Tony’s all-black outfit feels a little odd. via Toscana/Facebook

If you see anybody else around town, let me know (ted@charlotteagenda.com). Until them, keep an eye on NBC weatherman Brad Panovich’s Bieber 3000.

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